Expelled from their homes by Israel, Palestinian Refugees in Syria’s Yarmouk Camp now Starving in midst of War

Israeli negotiators repeatedly refuse to consider a right of return for Palestinians Israelis expelled from Palestine to refugee camps in the region. But refugees are without rights and open to serial catastrophes, as stateless non-citizens unwanted locally. When a civil war breaks out around the refugee camps, they can end up being besieged and starved, in scenes reminiscent of the Nazi death camps during World War II. The world seems uninterested in the fate of these Palestinian refugees, which its policies helped create.

A recent UN Security Council resolution demanding humanitarian aid to civilians in Syria caught up in the war (and sometimes targeted for starvation by the regime or extremist rebels) has yet to be implemented.

BBC: “Inside Yarmouk: ‘We’re besieged.We’re starving!'”

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  1. Are you actually blaming Israel for whats happening to the Palestinians in Syria?! Its been over 60 years! They should have assimilated years ago. (and they would have probably assimilated better then the Sephardi Jews that came to Israel) Assad is to blame for their suffering NOT Israel! Blame Israel for the suffering in the West Bank and Gaza, but Syria!? If America started to persecute Cuban refugees would you blame America or Cuba?

    • There are Palestinian refugee camps in several other Arab countries. They are separated from civilian towns and cities and residents have no legal rights or (I think) no passports as citizens of the ‘host’ country. That is why the ‘right of return’ to Israel by refugees is such a big issue in Palestinian/Israeli peace talks.

    • The blame is being placed exactly where it needs to be placed. If these people had not been pushed off their land and had their homes bulldozed, they would not be in the condition they are in now. YGB, I realize this truth is sounding on deaf ears, for there is no reaching those who continue to view Israel as incapable of wrong-doing. Future history will tell a different story though.

  2. McGrathMcCormack

    “The world seems uninterested in the fate of these Palestinian refugees, which its policies helped create” #Yarmouk #StateDept

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