Google’s Larry Page: We can’t Have NSA Spying and a Functioning Democracy

Google’s Page says US online spying threatens democracy (via AFP)

Google co-founder Larry Page on Wednesday condemned US government snooping on the Internet as a threat to democracy. His comments came during an on-stage chat at a prestigious Technology Entertainment Design gathering, where a day earlier fellow Google…


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4 Responses

  1. Seems terribly disingenuous for a man at the helm of an industry that depends upon near-ubiquitous surveillance to suddenly play the hero. He has to trot out some humanitarian purpose behind it all to justify this disturbing totalitarian trend we are all now part of. Google and the NSA are two sides of the same fascist coin.

  2. It seems obvious, does it not, that the NSA uses Google precisely because Google amasses terabytes of data on Internet user’s whereabouts! Google did/does what the NSA dreamed/dreams of doing!

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