In Illinois, 91 Communities are now Powered 100% By Green Electricity

91 Illinois Communities Powered 100% By Green Electricity (via Clean Technica)

Article by the WWF. WASHINGTON, DC, March 7, 2014 – Illinois has embraced renewable electricity on a massive scale not seen anywhere else in the nation, says a new report, Leading from the Middle: How Illinois Communities Unleashed Renewable Energy…


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  1. A little more info would be welcome. This article spoke only of demand, and said nothing of supply. It isn’t like the communities used every available unshaded location for production, or invested in efficiency. They decided to buy electricity from a producer that says it is green.

  2. I am puzzled by the article. Where is the green energy coming from and how is it generated? Have the communities put up wind and solar and if so how are they covered when wind and sun aren’t available. What is the mechanism that turns buying credits into 100% renewables, which presumably means no fossil fuel powered generated electricity is used in these communities.

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