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    • the first US war in Afghanistan,
      October 2001 – January 2003,
      was supposed to be a limited strike to get the guys who plotted the 9/11 attacks.
      At least that was the plausible cover story.


      But yer right about the 2nd US war in Afghanistan,
      circa 2006 – present.

  1. Even though I’m a fellow Vietnam veteran, Kerry has been an embarrassing disappointment when he voted for Junior the Boy Emperor’s resolution to illegally invade and occupy Iraq. It eerily reminded me of LBJ’s specious Gulf of Tonkin resolution to escalate the American involvement into the Vietnamese civil war for national liberation. And Kerry’s been completely out of his depths as Secretary of State.

    • Not precisely a fair comment. While the cartoon is poignant, the situation was far different than the Gulf of Tonkin. When Kerry voted, his constituency and the nation was loudly anxious for war and they were responding to evidence that Iraq was a threat. Colin Powell tried to sell the same story to the UN where things began to fall apart because the world spirit was not at the same level as US paranoia–so people asked questions. We all know now that the evidence was a fraud. I’m not defending Kerry per se and the cartoon, again, is a good one–but to read it as entirely a criticism of Kerry’s person is wrong-headed swift-boating–your “fellow veteran” is otherwise meaningless.

      Kerry may have said the words and is in a convenient position but the critique should be leveled at the macro level. Most importantly, outside your own personal preferences, what would you expect any SOS to say given circumstances?

  2. The cartoon is a perfect picture of Jim Kunstler’s description of Kerry: a “Haircut In Search Of A Brain”.

  3. What amazed me is that he said this with a straight face! This isn’t just self delusion, it seem to effect our whole Political Class: The 8 Year horror show of Bush/Cheney never happened!
    Hard to believe Kerry first appeared before Congress protesting the Vietnam War.

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