Rachel Maddow: CIA spying on Congress ‘is death of the Republic stuff’

(Via RawStory)

Rachel Maddow: CIA spying on Congress ‘is death of the Republic stuff’ (via Raw Story )

A dispute between the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Senate Intelligence Committee may have spilled into dangerous territory, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow said on Wednesday, following a New York Times report that agency operatives gained access…

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  1. Now, lets see if our law makers can make the conceptual leap between this and potential abuses by the NSA of mere citizens.

  2. Carlos Mucha

    This will end w/ a senator burning the CIA by putting the classified report in Congressional Record Mike Gravel-style.

  3. NOLA Goat

    @dollaranarch Has Ms. Maddow ever acknowledged that NSA spying on the people it purports to protect is a death knell as well?

  4. “Upskirting” is a perfectly normal and legal behavior, just ask Senate Intelligence Select Committee Chairman Dianne Feinstein. Voyeurism in the national interest, she will tell you, can be a good thing, especially when carried out by our patriotic friends over at the NSA.

    Rogue upskirting by rowdy CIA thugs, however, may be a ‘hole ‘nuther matter. This time the undies in focus will not be yours and mine but those of Ms. Feinstein and her committee colleagues.

  5. There is a direct connection between US meddling abroad and the loss of a republican system at home. It’s often the same people pushing both.

  6. Just a more sophisticate version of what J. Edgar Hoover did for a few decades. Perhaps this explains why congress is usually just a rubber stamp for what our National Security State wants?

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