Bill O’Reilly says Muslims will Diss Hillary; but 8 Muslim Countries Chose Female Leaders

(By Juan Cole)

Bill O’Reilly maintains that one downside of having a woman president is that Muslims won’t respect her.

For Mr. O’Reilly’s information, here are the women leaders of Muslim-majority countries, most of them freely elected by Muslim publics and all of them respected by the latter:

Tansu Çiller, elected prime minister of Turkey, 1993-1996

Benazir Bhutto, elected prime minister of Pakistan 1988-1990, 1993-1996

Mame Madior Boye, appointed prime minister of Senegal, 2001-2002.

Megawati Sukarnoputri, elected president of Indonesia, 2001-2004

Khaleda Zia, elected prime minister of Bangladesh, 1991-1996 and 2001-2006

Sheikh Hasina, elected prime minister of Bangladesh 2009-

Roza Otunbayeva, president of Kyrgyzstan, 2010- 2011

Atifete Jahjaga, elected president of Kosovo 2011-

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  1. Ghost of TK

    Lazy Western media needs to stop treating the extremist wahabbi minority as”representative”… They intimidate not represent 99.99%

  2. Dikaios Logos

    and a majority of those female leaders came from political families: Hilary’s path is the common one in Muslim countries

  3. My problem with Hillary Clinton has nothing to do with her gender. I’m disappointed she voted for the Boy Emperor’s resolution for the Iraq War. But being a Vietnam veteran, I’m just as taken back that fellow Vietnam veterans such as John Kerry, Chuck Hagel and John McCain also voted for Junior’s illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq in the Senate. The historical analogies to LBJ’s specious Gulf of Tonkin resolution were quite striking, at least to me, and they should have known better.

    • “The historical analogies to LBJ’s specious Gulf of Tonkin resolution were quite striking, at least to me, and they should have known better.”

      They probably did know better, but they most likely concluded supporting the war was better for their short-term interests. There was a report that Bob Schrum, Democratic Party “consultant.” told Kerry if he wanted to become president he would have to vote for the war. I haven’t been able to get any solid proof of this, just indications it probably happened. As for McCain, he seems to get a thrill out of wars while being oblivious to their horrendous costs.

    • Against my better judgment, excuse the poor cliche’, I’ll say this George: I have never made a point by beginning that “I am a Vietnam-era veteran” – I generally see no reason to do so but I am. 12+ years. Almost a whole generation of us are. We are of all types, sizes, and political temperaments. We have two things in common–we were in the service at that time and are getting old now. The Gulf of Tonkin is different because it was not on US soil and of a different time and age. What you do not recall is how the image of the planes crashing into the Trade Center, the firefighters and others who lost their lives, galvanized a nation who cried an “eye for an eye” (and generally at that stage, few are concerned about whether they are after the right eye or not). Condemning them now for then is not a logical matter of right or wrong– it is the tragedy of the human condition-particularly of the West (that would be us). From the Greeks to Shakespeare to world events all around us the inevitable unfolds and the same old stories more or less repeat themselves. If, as I would guess from your posting, I’ll shift to we, if we were to assume that the Gulf of Tonkin was a conspiracy, we are judging with today’s hindsight that the persons you condemn did not have available to them at the time Iraq started.

      You do seem angry. You claim to be a veteran, which generally would be taken as a demand for respect but then you call the Commander-In-Chief “Boy Emperor.” and “Junior”. I am writing this because I feel you don’t realize all that you are saying. You do understand calling Obama “Boy” is a racial slur that you’ve likely picked up reading the wrong blog somewhere else? Beyond that, the Office of the President itself deserves a degree of respect if you deserve any as a veteran. You can state your objections, disagree, and so on but you might consider what it is that makes you lose your head (that by the way is how Oedipus commits his prototypical tragic crime and kills his father too? So, you might reconsider your criteria and from that gain some understanding as to how people midjudged their times) So, what I am suggesting is that you too have been sucked into the tragic void of Leviathan (Hobbes summation of the fateful beast).
      Whatever it is, let me assure you that few have suffered near as much as I. When the Iraq War started at midnight, the Navy flew two stealth bombers over my house–right at midnight they swooped down and hit their afterburners about 100 feet over my roof–and they meant it.

      Too long a story. But I will tell you that few have suffered because of the Clintons than I but I still think Hillary should be the next President and I would hope that she has learned from her mistakes. Mistakes are all that you can learn from in fact. We are all learners here ….

    • Thank you, George. Hit that nail on the head. Also, Mrs Clinton not only stood by and allowed neo cons in the State Department to weed out whistleblowers, she personally signed off on permission for the NSA to spy on the EU. Recently, a vet who is also a senior citizen stood up at a speech she gave at GW university, silently but wearing an anti-Iraq war shirt — she said nothing as two young security guys tackled him and injured him — while she gave a speech on the need for freedom of speech of all things

      • The neo cons are way worse but the Clinton team, if there is going to be a campaign, better clean up their act or they will be out early in primary season. Speeches alone don’t suffice anymore nor do smoke and mirrors

  4. It sounds to me as though Bill O’Reilly feels that our choice of presidential candidates should be subject to Sharia law…

  5. It shows how little knowledge Bill O’Reilly has. He by either prejudice or ignorance or simply misinforming the American audience.

    Some time back I have read if you want to remain ignorant, watch FOX News.

    Few days back I heard Lindsey Graham on Greta’s show on the Fox news saying that what is happening in Ukraine it all started with Benghazi. He referred Benghazi about at least 8 times in 10 minutes.

    Now I have a question for Lindsay Graham, if some how he knew that Benghazi would start what is happening in Ukraine now, why he kept his mouth shut all this time. Why he did not do anything to prevent all the riots & bloodshed that happened in Ukraine. We are at the start of a new cold war or could be real HOT war. It will be fare to say that Lindsay Gram should be investigated what he knew, what more he is hiding & what were his sources that he is linking Benghazi with Ukraine.

    • The Republicans know alot more about Benghazi and it’s why they harp on it, using smoke and mirrors ploy. Mrs Clinton’s big mistake was to not reform State and leave alot of neo con appointees in place. Victoria Nuland, our top diplomat to the EU caught on the phone cursing the EU, is a Cheney protege and was involved in trying to intimidate whistleblowers during the Benghazi affair

  6. It would be a measure of progress if the United States elected a woman for president – but not any woman, and not Hillary. It is very likely if we are not to vote “none of the above” then we will be given the usual task of picking the lesser evil. If the choice is between Hillary and Rand Paul, I would have to pick the latter. At least he might take his oath to uphold the Constitution seriously. As for his libertarianism, that would probably be no worse than the consequences of Hillary’s allegiance to Wall Street recently boosted by a reported $400K speaking fee from Goldman Sachs.

    • Mrs. Joyce Banda, President of Malawi. No female head of state of Mali as yet.

      Malawi is in Southern Africa. Mali is a sub-Sahara country in West Africa, west of Senegal

  7. O’Reilly’s lack of information (putting it mildly) does not make him understand that some of these nations were far ahead of the US when it came to electing a woman as head of state. The US is not perfect when it comes to women’s rights even today…we still do not pay women equally as men, and that is indeed backward and discriminating. It must be nice sitting in one’s country, with no idea what goes on in the outside world, and making ignorant comments.

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