Ukraine Muslims wary of Crimea Referendum on Joining Russia

Crimean Tatars wary of Russia referendum (via AFP)

Victims of Stalin’s mass deportations in 1944, Crimea’s Tatar Muslim minority look warily on next week’s referendum on joining Russia, which could well bring the crisis on the tense peninsula to new heights. At the Great Mosque in Bakhchysaray, near…


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  1. Some questions, Russia isn’t the USSR, Stalin was a Georgian, the USSR was made up of many peoples, not just Russians, why blame only Russian’s when the Soviet was made up of different ethnic groups? Aren’t Russians and Ukrainians generally considered to be from one ethnic group known as the “Slavs”? Didn’t Russia give up the “Stans” which are islamic without any blood being drawn by Russian military forces? Why would Russia remove the Tartar’s and where would they relocate them to? Are there any Tartar’s currently living in Russia and are they more persecuted than any other group in Post Soviet Russia? All the hand wringing and kevetching by many seems unfounded, but who knows maybe there is a conspiracy by Russia to cleanse the land. Why is there so much fear mongering? Finally, even with all of it’s problems in Chechnya and the destruction of Grozny i haven’t heard of any “mass” execution of ethic Chechen’s, i’m talking about the level of deaths as have occurred in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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