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  1. Arun Dube

    @clancycnn Tough for Biden. He had the same chances as a snowball in hell. Hope a Republican wins in 2016.

    • I hope all republicans go Galt in 2016.

      No advanced nation requires the imbecilic losers that is the American republican party.

  2. Never understood the contempt and cold hatred some in the Democratic base have for her. Always thought Hillary would make a great president. I voted for Obama but he was my second choice.

  3. Hillary will be the next President. Republicans should get a clue and so should Biden.
    BTW…..Uygur is a dolt if he thinks Biden is more liberal than Clinton, or for that matter that Obama is more liberal than Clinton. The Democratic left is so brainwashed if is embarrassing to be one of them sometimes.

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