Paranoia strikes Deep: Russian Media Propaganda Feeds Ukraine Crisis

(By Dan Peleschuk)

Russian TV beats war drum on home front (via GlobalPost)

MOSCOW, Russia — Ukraine’s new authorities are an ultranationalist, neo-fascist gang who’ve seized power with covert Western support and are bent on marauding Russian-speaking southeastern Ukraine and forcing its peaceful citizens into submission…


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  1. Brian Wodarek

    Have you watched any television “news” in the US, going back to before the opening ceremony in Sochi? Our paranoia strikes far deeper. The state propaganda in the US couldn’t be less factual or more focused on “preparing the public mind” for this confrontation, which by the way was fomented out of the US embassy in Kiev, not from Moscow.

  2. Putin’s propaganda that democratic dissidents are “terrorists” or “neo-Nazis” as well as his invasion of Ukrainian territory is likely to produce lasting damage to his credibility as an ally, sponsor, or patron.

    The more erratic, hypocritical, arrogant, and domineering the Putinist elite acts, the harder it becomes for other countries to back Russian actions. Portraying all political or social progress in other countries (he is arguing this all over the place, not just in Ukraine) as being the result of terroristic foreign conspiracies is not going to win friends.

    What Putin is doing will end up repelling other countries and thus driving more of them toward the U.S.

  3. Why did the leadership of the EU even begin talks with the government of Ukraine about membership in the EU or about loans. If the EU has more money to give should that money not go to Greece or Spain? If it is time for the EU to enlarge (ha ha) should talks not be with Serbia, Macidonia, and Albania?

    • The EU is in talks with Serbia and Albania. Serbia is at or near the front of the line to join the EU next (Montenegro may be ahead). Talks with Macedonia towards membership seem to be affected by a dispute with Greece over the country’s name.

      • None the less I think the question of why the EU is talking to Ukraine about membership is still a valid question. What can the Ukraine do for the EU that Poland is not already doing for us. What can the EU do for Ukraine that it should not be doing for the Greeks and Spanish and Portugese and Romanians and Bulgarians and Serbains and Albanians and Macadoneans first.
        I read today that the EU is going to give the Ukrainians 11 billion Euros. Where did this money come from? If it was just sitting around why was it not given to those countries that I listed above last year or last month? If they just created the money by making a computer entry why was this money not created last year or last month a dispursed to those who needed then? If the EU can create 11 billion for the poor people of Ukraine why not create 11 billion for the poor people of Somalia?
        I say that the people of Europe and the USA are being hoodwinked. Our leaders will say that we the citizens have consented to the tratment that they have recieved. I say that politcal mental retards do not have the capacity to give consent, not to imply that you Edward are one of the mental retards that so many inhabitants of western countries are. The readers should think of what the consequences to that are.

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