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  1. I think the point that we are not a FASCIST state is true, but don’t conflate fascism with a police state. The USSR was and North Korea is a police state… just as we are.

  2. The political apathy complaint reminds me of Socrates complaining about the youth. In my opinion political apathy is a good sign, it means the country is stable and the government relatively non-objectionable, I’d say Canada is more apathetic than the US and Iraq is far less, I know where I’d rather live.

    As for the “managed state”, I don’t think its secret, they’ve just built organizations that are very good at doing elections, though they still lose elections to bitter rivals. I’m again reminded of the Socrates quote, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t resist the negative political aspects, but I think we should make accurate comparisons.

    • Your opinion is utopian. Not possible on this planet.

      You are confusing indifference with apathy. Not the same thing. You describe a state where people are getting the most possible out of government and the political-economic situation which would be any situation on the frontier of available choices (they are getting the most possible out of government in various individually selective ways).

      In economics we say that we maximize our benefit when we indifferent between choices on the frontier. This is the situation you describe rather than apathy. In this case, in order to benefit, people still realize that they need to make choices to maximize their benefit–keep things as they would be your situation and thus are involved in exoressing their choice, although they may appear passive to you but are only being economically efficient with their energy.allocation.

      When people realize that they are being denied all opportunities on the political frontier they may get loud and involved–this is the active politics that some wrongly think is the only involved state of engagement.

      People may also arrive at a state where they just don’t care anymore. This happens once they realize that no matter what they do, nothing will change or benefit them. Since they have no impact, they no longer bother to express any concern. This is actually what the wealthy argue for themselves–if they don’t make enough money or pay too much in taxes, they insist they will refuse to invest–this is the foundation of capitalist economic theory. The youth of today are usually disengaged because they do not feel the system will honestly address their needs or that fighting the system in any way is effective, They see the frontier choices for them solely in isolated individual terms, not in socio-political terms, which is interesting given their adoption of so-called social media. In other words, the wealthy make the capatalist argument that what is good for them is good for everyone but the masses no longer believe but also believe that their own situation will worsen if they chose to try to affect the status quo. Ensuring this is one important role of the police state.

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