Is Paul Ryan a Racist? Or Just Exponent of the “White Man’s Party”?

So, IS Paul Ryan a Racist? (via Moyers & Company)

Our political class is feuding about whether Rep. Paul Ryan is a racist. Rather than fearing that this donnybrook degrades political discourse, we should welcome it. Ryan sparked the controversy when he blamed poverty on “a tailspin of culture”…


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  1. I understand the over tenor of your piece but some of your conclusions are faulty and based solely in white thinking.

    Only a white man could come to the conclusion that a conscious decision to prey on the fears of white people by deliberately scapegoating people of color could decide that decision wasn’t based on “malice.” Really? I strongly beg to differ.

    Further deciding that Ryan may just be playing the same game of “strategic racism” but not actually really believe any of the stereotypes or tropes perpetuated by his party means he’s not “really racist” is wrong.

    Taking advantage of others based on the color of their skin ad perpetuating fear of people of color is racism, plain and simple. That these people know better and choose to spread this ideology for political gain is not only racist, it’s evil. Pure, unbridled evil.

    To me, there is no argument that Ryan is racist. You’re debating facts already in evidence. The question becomes, “How can so many people in this day and age fail to recognize that Paul Ryan is a racist?”

  2. Obvious indeed, and the debate is a ridiculous one. But the “You Did Not See What You Just Saw/You Did Not Hear What Your Just Heard” industry, led by hypocritical polemicists such as Andrew Sullivan, has led to a crisis of both intellectual and moral dimensions. It reminds me of fifth century Athens, in which sophists served to create something of a crisis in confidence of morality through deliberate moral obfuscation, professionally going about attempting to make the weaker argument the stronger.

    Is Paul Ryan a racist? The question is moot. Is there anthropogenic global warming? The question is moot. Is waterboarding torture? The question is moot.

    What’s not moot is that Paul Ryan has ideas and pushed policies based on creatures such as Ayn Rand that would effectively attack the least among us. That makes him a bad Catholic, a bad politician, and a bad man – but a wonderful and magnificent cretin.

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