Rep. Mike Rogers Says Snowden’s To Blame For Russia’s Aggressive Actions Against Ukraine

Mike Rogers Says Snowden’s To Blame For Russian’s Aggressive Actions Against Ukraine (via Techdirt)

Mike Rogers is still willing to spread his stupidity to any new outlet that will have him. Despite the NSA and FBI being unable to find any evidence that Snowden colluded with Russian intelligence, Rogers continues to insist the former analyst is a…


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4 Responses

  1. Chairman Mike Rogers: a sad fate for the committee originally engendered to investigate CIA, FBI, and NSA abuses.

  2. My most charitable guess is that Rogers’ remarks come from desperation. As chair of the House Intel Committee it’s his job to oversee the NSA et al. After months of Snowden leaks, plus the White House panel’s own report criticizing NSA, it’s all to obvious that Rogers failed at his job (as did Feinstein on the Senate side). He’d rather slander the messenger than admit that.

  3. No, no, no…you have it all wrong. Obama engineered Putin’s takeover of Crimea as a distraction from Benghazi! We have to keep all the threads straight here.

    More seriously, I would SO much like at least ONE member of our vaunted free press to ask the likes of McCain or Rumsfeld or Bolton just precisely what they would do?

    Are they REALLY in favor of starting WWIII? Is ‘Dr. Strangelove’ the exception to history, first as Comedy THEN as Tragedy?

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