ABC: Bush’s Neocon Spokesman for Illegal US Occupation of Iraq Slams Russia for Crimea

It just baffles me that failed Neocons like Dan Senor are still given a hearing inside the Beltway. ABC News actually interviewed Senor, the spokesman for the Bush administration’s illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq on the Crimea crisis!

Senor had the unmitigated gall to blame President Obama for “Iraq unraveling”!!

Let’s see. The American administration of Iraq fired 100,000 Sunni Arabs from their jobs, abruptly abolished the whole Iraqi army, closed all the major state-owned factories, coddled corrupt Shiite politicians, and generally plunged the country into a massive civil war, which at its height was killing 3000 civilians a month and was responsible for 2 million being displaced abroad and 4 million internally, in a country of 26 million.

So Iraq is unraveling *now*?? What about when Senor and his friends were running it? And maybe the current unraveling had its roots in what Senor & co. did?

Senor used to come out almost daily and lie to the US press corps about how badly the GOP’s Iraq project was going, but he did once admit, “unofficially, ‘Paris is burning.'”

Senor, whose outfit destabilized the eastern stretches of the Arab world for perhaps decades, suggests that Obama should be judged by whether the world is more stable! I’m not sure how Obama can do anything about instability breaking out somewhere, but at least he hasn’t gone rampaging around illegally invading and occupying other countries.

Senor also took advantage of the interview to lament that the danger of Iran is being ignored and to warn about its alleged weapons of mass destruction program.

Gee, where have we heard that allegation before? There is no evidence that Iran even has a weapons program.

Senor, an inveterate warmonger without the slightest sign of a conscience, once took Mitt Romney to Jerusalem and urged an Israeli unprovoked attack on Iran.

As for Senor’s complaint that Washington is letting Putin get away with annexing Crimea, isn’t it reciprocal? Putin let Senor and his pals get away with illegally invading Iraq.

He also complained that Putin was getting his way in Syria, Iran, etc. I seem to remember that the Bush administration kept accusing Syria of enabling the guerrilla resistance against the US in Iraq. But I don’t remember Senor and his buddies doing anything about it. Nor did they do anything significant about Iran. As for Putin, Bush assured us that Putin was someone he could do business with: “I looked into his eyes and I saw his soul.” Senor has never criticized his former boss for that piece of naivete.

Being a Neocon means never having to say you’re sorry.

The Forward wrote in summer 2003:

“Jewish Republicans are pointing to the pro-Israel credentials of President Bush’s new deputy press secretary, Dan Senor, as evidence that Jewish concerns are being noted regarding that position now that Ari Fleischer has left his post as press secretary. Senor got his start in politics in 1993 as an intern at the lobbying powerhouse the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. “Whether I was learning the ins and outs of Washington with my fellow interns or attending briefings on Capitol Hill, my internship at Aipac prepared me for my work in politics,” Aipac’s Web site quotes Senor as saying. More recently, Senor served as deputy press secretary for the top American administrator in Iraq, Ambassador L. Paul Bremer.”


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  1. They are on the air for the obvious reason that they are saying what the people who control the network want to have said.

  2. I want my country back!

    Neocon’s, AIPAC, and war, this all we ever hear coming out of DC. It is time to rid these people out of our government. These warmongers are hurting people all over the world. The victims of their Neocon terror will be tomorrow’s terrorist who will plot against the US. This must end now!

    • You bring up a good point, one which makes me realize that the MORE one was discredited on imperial catastrophes, the MORE one is counted on to bring the same exact disastrous lying ideology to the public. These hypocrites and warmongers are EXACTLY who the network ownerships can count on to bring ‘more of the same’. To network ownership and management, the only discredited people are ones with whom they disagree with.

  3. No one should be surprised at the likes of Dan Senor. Words have mostly lost their meaning on Animal Farm, USA. Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance has become an act of national hypocrisy. Oaths taken by many politicians and people in the armed forces, law enforcement and government agencies (including the White House) to uphold the Constitution are virtually meaningless. People say what others with authority over them want them to say while others believe what they want to believe regardless of how much evidence and how many facts contradict them. Senor is far from being the only one. TV talk shows and printed media continue to give exposure to many neocons and other charlatans who got it disastrously wrong on Iraq and the stock market and, it appears, many of the same people who were gullible enough to believe these frauds and hypocrites in the past are just as credulous as ever.

    • ” TV talk shows and printed media continue to give exposure to many neocons and other charlatans …”

      Make that “neocons, neoliberals and other charlatans…”

  4. must be coming up to election season. Bush got the U.S.A. and others into the wars and now they want to blame Obama?

    While the U.S.A. was responsible for tens of thousands of deaths in the middle east, Russia has invaded the Crimea and only two were killed. Now lets go over that again. It will take decades for Iraq to recover. Next time someone feels like a war, let them go personally over and do some fighting. Let our young people stay home and rebuild our own countries. Canada and the U.S.A. have a lot of work to do at home.

    Iraq started to “unravel” the minute it was invaded. Up until then, it wasn’t doing too badly. Yes there was corruption and political misdeeds, but hey, China is in about the same bag as Iraq was and every body is just ever so happy to keep talking to them.

  5. God. There needs to be a statute of limitations on dragging our tragic mistakes around for more than one election cycle. I just can’t stand the thought of being subjected to the blithering revisionist and divisive nonsense of these long since rejected and irrelevant spoilers for yet another election cycle. The Right hangs on to these creeps like a mother gorilla might hold on to a long dead baby. Make them go away for God’s sake! A least Dems tend to bury their dead quickly.

  6. I live in DC and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Senor actually crawled out from the bleak irony hole a few weeks back doing the speech circuit. It’s not clear why Mr Senor is doing speeches. It’s not like he has to worry about lawsuits being filed in Spain against former Bush officials — our new administration has shielded the neocons from accountability.

    Too many are perched at the State Department, evident with the sorry conducting of the Ukraine crisis. Mrs Clinton failed to reform State, instead opting to collect awards around the world promoting free speech, while signing approval at State for the NSA to spy on our EU allies and allowing neo-cons to root out whistleblowers at State. Due process? What could that be?

    A few weeks back, Mrs Clinton clammed up during a speech she gave at George Washington University — on freedom of speech of all things — looking on as an anti-Iraq war protester (a senior citizen and veteran) was tackled by two (yeah it took two) security guards. All this guy did was stand during her ‘talk’ and be silent. For that he was injured. Apparently free speech doesnt apply at home, where it’s gotten hard to distinguish from neo-cons and sell outs in the other party.

    • ” It’s not clear why Mr Senor is doing speeches.”

      It’s probably a means for his supporters to justify his thirty pieces of silver, the same as presidents get paid for services rendered after they leave the White House. According to a report at the time, Reagan was paid one or two million dollars for a speech he gave to some Japanese. In HRC’s case, it looks like the $400K she received from Goldman Sachs for two speeches might have been payments in advance.

  7. President Obama decided to give the entire Bush administration a free pass for all the lies, hypocrisies, and crimes regarding the invasion and occupation of Iraq, so it’s hardly surprising that these bad pennies are turning up again. It wasn’t even necessary for Obama to prosecute anybody (though this was richly deserved by many); a truth and reconciliation commission about the Iraq War would have been of inestimable value, and certainly would have exposed and discredited the frauds that led Americans into that war.
    Instead, by ratcheting up their hyperbolic cold war rhetoric, Obama and Kerry have overturned the rock these incompetent jingoists have resided under. There’s a sad poetical justice as Obama and Kerry get derided as ineffective weaklings by the people their own rhetorical excesses have provided with undeserved credibility.

    • Thank you for that, Andreas Lord. The lies of the Iraq war have been swept under the rug and everyone in power pretends not to see. No wonder we keep repeating the same bloody mistakes. But as long as the suffering is confined to “other” places and “other” peoples (including the professional American military caste), Americans blithely go about inflicting war on others at their whim, on their way to the shopping mall or while watching corporate-controlled TV.

      • Sure looks to me like “these” are NOT “mistakes.” If, that is, one is bold enough to follow the money, the perks, the careers and all that. It’s part of what happens when there are no consequences for doing what Ordinary People would, if not inflamed by stuff like 9-11, or other invitations to terminal tribal consumer insanity, would consider to be Really Bad.

  8. The neocons express the views of the Israeli government, from everything I have ever heard from them. Fortunately, the only-one-view-permitted media wall is crumbling. See the excellent videos (recorded by CSPAN no less) from the recent meeting in DC about the “special relationship” that has us in such deep water internationally. I recommend in particular, panel number 4 of the event with lead-off speaker Stephen Walt of “The Israel Lobby” fame. Full list of panels is here:
    link to

  9. Nobody hammers on the neocons like Pat Buchanan. His latest “Marching as to War” is all about the next war, with RUSSIA.

    • While I have no trust in the neo-cons or their enablers, I seriously doubt they really want a war with someone who is capable of fighting back in a major way. So not Russia, then — but quite possibly a proxy, like Iran, is in their sights. Iran has been for years anyway, the agitators are just waiting for the right casus belli. And they only *think* Iran can’t fight back in a significant way.

      We certainly do want to surround, isolate, and intimidate Russia, but I don’t see it leading to an open military clash. Too risky even for idiot neo-cons. Too much chance of NOT making money out of it.

  10. I wish somebody would stand up and point out to the sabre-rattling neo-cons, that Russia is NOT Iraq, Iran or Libya!
    Russia has in excess of 5,000 nukes and they are nearly all pointed at USA!

    • The Russians have been playing these games a long time now, against experts, and the neo-con Americans are callow rookies at it. They’ll be taken to the cleaners by savvy operators like in the Kremlin. They’ve already been outmaneuvered in Georgia and Ukraine and no amount of hysteria over Crimea can change it.

  11. A question to Juan, or others about NY Times Magazine article yesterday on Pakistan

    Article title “What Pakistan Knew About Bin Laden” by Carlotta Gall who has spent 12 years in the region reporting for NY Times.

    She claims that a branch of ISI protected Bin Laden and high up officials were involved in the assignation of Bhutto.

    Any comments on this article?

  12. In his history of the First World War, “To End All Wars,” Adam Hochschild described the enthusiasm among the civilian populations of Europe that would eventually do the fighting. They were totally out of touch with what the reality of that war would be like. Even after some young men had transitioned to serving on the front lines they continued to live in another world. One wrote home that he was looking forward to his first battle. His letter and the battle were also his last. The incompetence of the military leaders of all nations was astounding. A century later, not much has changed regarding the human aspects of war. People talk about more wars not knowing what they are talking about. Military leaders appear to be of questionable competence. Other than the technological advances, there is one difference. Young men and women from the ruling classes served in the front lines. Now they serve in some safe location encouraging others to do the fighting.

    • Seems like that in olden times Officers were issued pistols, with which to stand behind and encourage the “troops” onward. Again, I may be wrong, but is seems that it was once considered bad form to shoot at the opposing Officers.

      Things have obviously changed. But personality types and personality traits do not go away: The chicken hawks will always be with us. You would’ve though that the introduction of Viagra would have given us some relief from their need to act out.

    • Great post. The enthusiasm of 70% of the American public for the war in Iraq mirrored that of the civilian populations of Europe in WWI. Over eleven years after the invasion of Iraq, their enthusiasm for payback against Muslims has been forgotten and replaced by a blame Bush mentality. It’s easier for the public to put the blame on someone like George rather than admit they were fooled into supporting war by the neoconservatives.

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