Massive increase in Israeli Squatter settlements in West Bank blamed for Collapsing Peace Talks

Israel settlements led to peace talks impasse: Palestinians (via AFP)

US-sponsored peace talks with Israel have reached an impasse because of Jewish settlement activity, a Palestinian spokesman said, as plans for over 2,000 West Bank units were moved forward. The latest crisis comes as Washington scrambles for a formula…


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  1. It’s important to appreciate what it means when settlements such as Ariel are further consolidated.

    Ehud Barak’s “final offer at Camp David [in 2000]…proposed that Israel annex the 9 percent of the West Bank that included the largest settlement ‘blocs’ while offering in return an area one-ninth as large inside the green line. Nine percent may not seem like much, but as some Israel officials have since conceded, annexing settlements like Ariel, which stretches thirteen miles beyond the green line, would have severely hindered Palestinian travel between the northern and southern halves of the West Bank. It also would have left Israel in control of much of the West Bank’s water supply.” In the words of former Barak aide Tal Zilberstein, “[T]here are still people who say, ‘We gave them everything at Camp David and got nothing.’ This is a flagrant lie.”
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  2. The boy was a victim of a 70 yr conflict,as many others on both sides. Peace can only come ,when both sets of extremists would step down from their goals. Or if one side can crush the other..since th at is not an option,it leaves the peaceful population of the combatants to somehow quell their own crazies….this is really hard to do…I do think that the Palestinians will have to be first to accomplish this feat…why you ask?…because Israel has the strength…they don’t care if it goes on forever…but with the Palestinians shutting down their wackos…then the liberal forces in Israel and the world can shut down their extreme right…

    • Mr Green, I don’t think the existence of “Palestinian wackos” is relevant anymore; Israeli propaganda doesn’t require them – all it needs to do is assert that they exist, and Americans believe it. And Americans don’t really know or understand about the Israeli “wackos.” Every day is Holocaust Remembrance Day in the United States, and we can’t get enough of those crazy Ay-rabs and murderous Moslems.

      Worse yet, only the United States is in a position to bring Israel to heel, and we have not, will not, and thanks to the Lobby-controlled Congress, probably cannot.

      Because this is an Election Year, I refuse to give in to despair. Once you do that, your ability to affect positive change is diminished to nothing. Thus – Americans CAN start improving the Middle East situation by electing a better Congress. That’s something that is “do-able”.

  3. Israel has a huge advantage and doesn’t give a damn what the Palestinians do, pro or anti Peace. American media will not report on the conditions the Palestinians are forced to endure because they fear or are the Jewish/Israeli lobby. Politicians are completely frozen into undying support for Israel no matter what. Even the Pentagon and the CIA have been infiltrated by pro-Israel (volunteer for the most part) agents. Nobody of any prominence dares to speak out – except maybe for Jimmy Carter.

  4. If the US can turn a blind eye to Israel’s unrelenting annexation of Palestinian territory via settlement expansion, does she have any right to demand that Russia stops taking back Crimea? I am sure that had Khrushchev and the Soviet Politburo foreseen the breakup of the Soviet Union in the 1990s, they wouldn’t have transferred control of Crimea to Ukraine. By consistently vetoing every UN resolution criticizing Israel over its settlement expansion, the US is tacitly acknowledging Israel’s right to expand its territory by taking Palestinian land.

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