Twitter strikes Back at Turkish Gov’t Ban in Courts

Twitter tackles Turkish takedown (via The Inquirer)

TWITTER HAS LAUNCHED a legal challenge against the block placed on its services in Turkey. Turkey effectively put up a wall between it and Twitter last week. Initially travellers to its domain were sent to a government website before a Turkish court…


Taiwan Animators Explain: “Turkey Twitter ban: internet users flout crackdown as Erdogan attempts to silence critics”

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  1. Three things:
    1. A court has ruled Twitter not a party to the dispute!link to

    2. Meanwhile the government has banned access to YouTube
    link to

    3. As the block became more sophisticated tweets in Turkey dropped 50% from normal traffic
    link to

    & I’m close enough to New Orleans to offer you a lagniappe: The AKP run city of Bolu shut down two newspapers unfriendly to the ruling party days ahead of the election,
    link to

  2. Erkan Saka, anthropologist and blogger at the excellenr Erkan’s Field Diary is reporting that the Tor Browser site in Turkey is also blocked. Tor has been one of the most popular work-arounds during this time of censorship.
    link to

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