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  1. Isn’t the top leadership of the Democratic Party also part of the 1% ?
    And the “left-wing media,” if there is such a thing ?

    their feelings might be hurt by you leaving them out of the 1%.

    • Brian, Unlike the G.O.P. and the right-wing media, the Dems and “left-wing media” are neither blaming or smearing O on Ukraine so leaving them out of this ‘toon wasn’t a problem.

  2. @Brian,

    Yes, being financially astute, the 1% believe in hedging their risk — that’s why they bought two parties instead of one. What’s that in business-speak? Win-win!

    • I’mnot so sure the .1% has bought both parties as that in the past they purchased the process whereby rules are made. That way they only needed one purchase instead of two much more efficient monetarily speaking.

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