Ukraine wouldn’t be as much a Crisis if Europe had adopted Green Energy Faster

(By Sonja van Renssen)

Ukraine Crisis Is Connected To Climate & Energy Policy (via Clean Technica)

Originally published on Sonja van Renssen Decisions on a new European climate and energy policy for 2030 are relegated to autumn as heads of state are caught up in the Ukraine crisis. At their spring summit in Brussels, EU leaders…


Hedegaard: “Ukrainian crisis shows we need to reduce our energy dependency”

“Speaking at the EPP Congress in Dublin last week, EU Commissioner for Climate Action said on Friday that recent development in Ukraine show that the EU must reduce its dependency on energy imports.

‘The Ukrainian debate would have been slightly different if we were not that dependent on importing Russian gas,’ Hedegaard said.”

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  1. The belligerency in the West against Russia would be far more pervasive if it wasn’t dependent on oil and gas. The EU and the USA would be provoking Russia much, much, much more.

    What’s needed is a general shift away from capitalism as we know it, which includes getting rid of fossil fuel use, or to at least minimize it.

    Corporations do what they do because consumers and voters make it profitable for them.

    • Or increase the consumption tax on gas oil and coal and let the prices for producers to fall.
      Oil is a bloody commodity. Iran without oil would have been a happier country.

  2. Wouldn’t be as much as a crisis for whom? I suppose this is the imperial view in which those little colonials don’t matter?

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