The Tea Party Just Turned Five — Is it Winning its War on Workers and Minorities?

The Tea Party Just Turned Five — and It’s Not Going Away (via Moyers & Company)

Some date the advent of the tea party to 2007, when then-presidential candidate Ron Paul held a “tax day tea party” fundraiser to fill his campaign coffers. But the broader movement began five years ago last week — shortly after Barack Obama was…


Thomas Hartmann: Alan Grayson interviewed on Tea Party and Ku Klux Klan

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  1. This interviewee has nailed one of the critical points: they don’t think people different than themselves are real Americans. Their code phrase, whether neo-confederate, Christofascist or libertarian: “America is a Republic, not a Democracy.” In other words, they really, seriously mean to take away the vote from everyone who couldn’t vote under the laws of 1789. Meaning 1% of the population will have the vote.
    Now how does this tie to their relationship to the capitalist oligarchy? It has to do with the fact that they can’t openly admit they are white supremacists – but almost all the billionaires are white. To give away our racially “contaminated” democracy to the billionaires is to “restore” the republic of an all-white 1% electorate. Or at least that’s what the rich are trying to manipulate them into doing.
    But to do that, the rich must feed the old ideology of nullification and secession. And we must ask, when were our oligarchs best off? Not when secession happened in 1860, but in 1876, when the liberal North was so sick of civil war that it gave in and let the South violate the constitution under Jim Crow, kicking off that greed orgy known as the Gilded Age. The rich want the threat of the Tea Party to get the rest of us to cower and stay away from the voting booth, just as the KKK went from race warriors to enforcers for the plantation owners. Actual secession would be a disaster.

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