Dropbox putting NSA Spying advocate Condi Rice on its board Shocks Privacy Advocates

Condoleezza Rice appointment to Dropbox board provokes strong reactions (via The Inquirer)

YESTERDAY’S ANNOUNCEMENT that former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has joined the board of Dropbox¬†has set tongues a-wagging in the IT sector. The company said Ms Rice be involved in securing a foothold in international territories, particularly…


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5 Responses

  1. “The crazies can just move on.” The ‘crazies’ who oppose promoting war criminals will move on. C. Rice should be in the dock not on the board. No peace for war criminals. Any accomplishments she had before becoming a war criminal can be used at the sentencing stage.

  2. It is kind of naive to think cloud storage isn’t completely pawed over by low-level analysts like Snowden, but this is just insulting. Then to have the sock-puppet commenter ask “the crazies” to “move on”? Bad move. What would be the motivation for this trajectory for Dropbox?

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