Climate Change: Who’s Campaigning Against Our Environment?

(By Todd Smekens)

Climate Change: Who’s Campaigning Against Our Environment? (via

MUNCIE, Indiana – The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued a new 2,600 page report this week compiled by over 300 scientists warning of the existing and potentially severe adverse future impact of climate change. “…


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  1. “Informed voting” at polling places, subject as it is to all the perversions of spinning and hidden persuasion and outright manipulation and fraud and theft, will not halt or undo the processes of monetization described here. People who care whether the species and culture survive are going to have to not only change their own personal behaviors, that include feeling good about OMG! switching to designer LED bulbs with lots of “consumer choices” of Kelvin colors and controllability, yet increasing their total electrical demand, using gasoline-powered yard blowers instead of Ewww! rakes to help “maintain” their monoculture bluegrass lawns by blowing their dog droppings and other detritus onto the neighbors’ yards or into public streets, buying SUVs and big trucks, and a host of other “substitutions” and convenient continuations. And organizing to stand in the way of “progress” and “development,” like 305’s XL protests, the activities of First People in Canada against “tar sands,” all that stuff. And voting survival instead of tribal, to add that layer of traditional legitimacy to the parts of actual change that the other nitty-gritty oppositions to Koch-ery that are needed where we Americans live, and elsewhere…

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