9 Maps that Show How The GOP is Destroying Southern States

(By John Prager)

These Nine Maps Show How The GOP is Destroying Southern States (via Americans Against The Tea Party)

Whenever we need a perfect example of Americans who have no clue what is in their best interest, we need only look to the south. Yes, there are some great people there–and no, not everyone is ignorant. However, red state voters regularly eschew logic…


WLSChannel: Obesity In The South Driven By Poverty, Study Says

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  1. Southern Louisiana is in the South, but not of the South. Cajuns are French Catholics, not Southern Baptists.

    Jesus doesn’t run Texas, Big Oil does. Big Oil has ALWAYS bought off the politicians and run Texas the same way they are running the good ‘ol U.S. of A today. When Obama gives the OK for the Keystone Pipeline, Big Oil will be doing the talking.

    Eating too much fried chicken makes people get fat in the rest of the South, but great Tex-Mex food is the main cause of obesity in Texas.

    • Texas was once a progressive state. Before Big Oil allied with racists and theocrats, it had a history of populists and big-government liberals. When the Democrats were the all-white party, the TX Dems were divided between the pro-KKK faction and the anti-KKK faction. The South’s first woman governor (twice!), Ma Ferguson, belonged to the anti-Klan faction. The villain wasn’t Big Oil yet, but big landowners who used the Klan as their death squads.

  2. True dat, but if you want to be read and understand by common folks — including me and those in the benighted states that you mention — it’s time to place close attention to how each piece might be read. We’ve got to make the info as accessible as possible, you know? — Just trying to help —

  3. Need to include better detail (units at least) in map legends. For example, what does the number for teen birthrates mean?

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