Made Homeless by Israel, defiant Bedouin vow to stay in Jordan Valley

Homeless but defiant, Bedouin to stay in Jordan Valley (via AFP)

Two weeks after their fragile tin shacks were destroyed by Israeli bulldozers, Atiya Bani Minna and his family are still sleeping under the stars, struggling to resume some semblance of normal life. For this 50-year-old Bedouin shepherd, it is the third…


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Made Homeless by Israel home demolitions, defiant Bedouin vow to stay in Jordan Valley

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  1. The Bedouins, ironically, had historically been allies of the Israeli government and were valued soldiers in the IDF due to their ability as pathfinders. They endured the bulk of casualties defending against Gazan militants prior to the 2005 disengagement.

    Daphni Leef of the J-14 movement in Israel spoke out against their victimization by the Netanyahu government.

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