Jazz legend John McLaughlin Plays Ramallah, Palestine to counteract Palestinian “Isolation”

Jazz guitar legend John McLaughlin plays for Palestine (via AFP)

The Palestinian territories are rarely a destination for jazz musicians let alone stars of an art form that is more at home in big cities such as New York and Chicago. Which makes the performance of jazz guitar legend John McLaughlin before a packed…

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AFP: Jazz guitar legend John McLaughlin plays for Palestinians

4 Responses

  1. Kirk Morris

    a long long time ago i worked with Mahavishnu and to this day i can appreciate the magic of those performances

  2. Sam Deedes

    “Palestinians are not only victims or terrorists. They are normal people trying to live normal lives.”

  3. Fabulous story, great musician with a heart and some courage. Rare thing in music and in the world….the Palestinians deserve this solidarity

  4. One of my top 5 musical experiences was to sit in a small club (250 seats) ten feet away from the Mahavishnu Orchestra just days after their release of Inner Mounting Flame (without having heard the music beforehand).

    Talk about shock and awe…

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