FCC Plots Murder of Blogs on Behalf of Billionaire Media Lords

Breaking: FCC Will Announce the Death of Net Neutrality Tomorrow (via Americans Against The Tea Party)

If you thought corporations played a big role in your life already, just wait until tomorrow, when the FCC gives up on trying to find a way to enforce equal access to broadband and finally kills net neutrality. What does this mean? It means that the…


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5 Responses

  1. Isn’t it transparent on the face of that article that there is NO difference between GIVING one set of companies preferential bandwidth and LIMITING bandwidth to everyone else?

    Regardless of how they spin it, and the doublespeak here is nauseating, at this point the issue has become a zero-sum game the public is about to lose. Of course, this assumes you sense the good of the people may not be defined by whats good for the profitability of the very largest corporations..

  2. David Gatson

    @WarOnWarOff To control the peons, information must come only from an authorized source. Now back into your cages!

  3. There is but one way to deal with this power grab – prepare to not use modern technological communications. I have no cell phone, and while I still use the Internet, I have plans to do without that as well. I cannot afford to support my U6 relatives and have all of the communication “blessings” of modern corporate servitude at my immediate and expensive call.

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