Obamacare Enrolls 7.1 Million: But Will the haters ever stop hating?

Obamacare: Will the haters ever stop hating? (via The Economist)

LAST week, while watching videos on YouTube, I was repeatedly served with an advertisement in which a mournful woman informed me that unfortunately, Obamacare “just doesn’t work.” This left me bemused, since I live in a country where a variety of Obamacare…


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*For the first time, the Washington Post-ABC News poll has found more Americans support Obamacare than oppose it. The poll, released Monday, the law’s enrollment deadline, found 49 percent of Americans support the law and 48 percent oppose it. It was the first time, dating back to August 2009, that support outweighed opposition in the poll…* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.”

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  1. AlphaBeta

    hard to compare the internet QoS above with just 7.1M users in ObamaCare versus 971M facebook ; something out of whack?

  2. I figure the whining and complaining about ObamaCare will last at least 50 years.

    The dead enders are still bitching about Social Security and Medicare being unsustainable.

  3. ObamaCare numbers are inflated hype.

    I am self-employed. We had a PERFECTLY GOOD high-deductible health insurance policy which was cancelled because of ObamaCare. As a result we were forced into the Exchange and all we found were policies which were both more expensive and had many more restrictions than our old policy. There are millions of people like us that were kicked off of good small business or professional association plans and into the Exchanges.

    Having an adult child with a disability, we had been able to keep him on our small-business plan. Under ObamaCare he was thrown off the plan. Because he cannot work, he ended up with Medicaid as the only option. Prof. Cole, I’m sure UMich has good insurance… would you consider swapping it for Medicaid? I think not — it is the worst coverage one can have.

    Obama is a disingenuous about healthcare and insurance. He goal was to prop up a dying industry with mandates and subsidies.

    We should have gotten single payer Medicare for all. Hopefully ObamaCare collapses under its own inefficient weight.

    • Did you not read the article, sir? If Obamacare collapses, the Right wins, and nothing replaces it at all. How do you think they will react to single-payer? I can imagine “patriots” resorting to bombings and shootings – as they eventually will anyway if they are not guaranteed an artificial electoral majority. Why are so many “liberals” so dense about how vicious their enemies really are?

  4. The thought experiment to “prove” why the Right hates health care for the poor so much is to consider how it would react if it came from another source. If it were provided by some right-wing authority that could throw the poor off if they misbehaved – like a Christian Right-financed superfund, I bet the Right might like it. But if, say, a giant corporation like Wal-Mart were mysteriously to offer free medical to all employees, thus forcing all other exploiters of low-wage labor to follow suit, somehow they would torture out an argument that this is wrong and evil, and start a boycott. Same as the way they opposed affirmative action by the government by saying it interfered with private business – but later attacked those few corporations that attempted their own private affirmative action programs.

    What matters is inequality – the sense that “those people” are inferior and OUGHT to be suffering in every possible way, via the market or any level of government that can be brought to bear, for their failure to act like “real” Americans. Because it’s not worth it to be an American when you have to share the benefits with subhuman animals. Even a white person who can’t afford insurance without church charity MIGHT feel that it’s worth that warm glow of superiority when he can see entire minority communities with no health care and no rich mega-churches able to throw crumbs.

    Take this experiment to its logical conclusion: if right-wing whites know they will be outvoted by minorities in the future, they might vote in a law that takes away their own right to vote! As long as that law takes away the votes of more minorities than whites, so that they will continue to see faces and bigotries like their own fill up the statehouses and Congress. These right-wingers keep talking about going back to the Founding Fathers. The poor couldn’t vote under the Founding Fathers, due to property requirements which the FF had no problem with. I wonder how many whites would vote to restore property requirements even if it meant losing their own right to vote, because we all know how few minority citizens are rich?

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