Pelosi: “Cheney Proud of ordering CIA Torture”; Sen A. King: ‘Waterboard Cheney!’

Watch: U.S. senator gets so angry at Cheney’s torture defense that he offers to waterboard him (via Raw Story )

Dick Cheney has defended torture techniques so many times that a frustrated U.S. senator has finally offered to waterboard the former vice president. “The accusations are not true,” Cheney told college television station ATV last week. “Some people…


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Pelosi: “Cheney ordered CIA torture and ‘I think he is proud of it'”

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  1. That’s one idea. But I think the Chinese have a better way of dealing with political criminals who do inestimable damage to the nation. Too bad the Old Boy’s network pardons and extends professional courtesy to each other instead of holding criminals accountable.

  2. Pelosi is the House version of Senator Diane Feinstein defending NSA surveillance until the moment it included the Senate. Pelosi was fine with “enhanced interrogation” as long as the public didn’t object to the TORTURE of Muslims because they were the BAD GUYS. Now that midterm elections are approaching, Pelosi points the finger of blame at Cheney like he did it by himself.

    Nancy was fine with torture the same way Dianne supported the NSA.

    Darth Cheney is proud of being a NAZI, not just the torture. That’s what they do.

    What would Pelosi and Feinstein say about Obama’s drone attacks, pardoning Bradley Manning, ditto Edward Snowden etc. etc. etc.? Nancy and Dianne would immediately start talking about national security needed to keep Americans “SAFE.”

    Those are horses of a different color.

    Did Nancy Pelosi object to Bradley Manning being subjected to long term “enhanced interrogation?”

    • Dianne Feinstein wants to show Michael Hayden what “emotional” really means by making him wear a blonde wig and doing a reenactment of Custer at The Little Bighorn. This time with real tomahawks.

      Hayden should have said Dianne Feinstein didn’t get emotional about NSA surveillance until she realized they were spying on her and all those other Democrats in the Senate.

      That’s the truth.

  3. Hey, when the Republicans say it is not torture, then it is not torture. If they say abortion is murder, it is murder. If they say that guns don’t kill, then guns don’t kill. If they say that having health insurance is unhealthy, then it is unhealthy. The Republicans pretty much control language in America’s death culture.

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