Palestinians consider handing ‘keys’ back to Israel, ending Charade of “Peace Process”

(Via AFP)

Palestinians mull handing territory ‘keys’ back to Israel (via AFP)

Palestinian negotiators have warned they may pass responsiblity for their territory back to occupying power Israel if peace talks remain stalled, a senior Palestinian official said on Sunday. The official said the Palestinians told US peace envoy Martin…


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PressTV reports: “Palestinian Authority negotiators mull handing responsibility to UN & Israel”

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  1. One reason for the length of the Israeli occupation is the “genius” system developed by Israel (and US Jews), which has made it possible for Israel to make money (clean cut) with the occupation. USA basically pays the military costs of the occupation through its 3 billion donation. The Palestinian “economy” is as independent and viable as Warsaw Ghetto’s economy was. Israeli state and companies can make enormous profits by taking land for free and at the best with minimum costs from their land bank (=West bank + Golan) and then selling this real estate development with the normal cost of land+house. The foreign capital given to Palestinians in the end goes in the pockets of Israeli whole sale sector and producers, because most products come there through the Israeli channels. The international community doesn’t pay for decades the costs of Tibetans, people of Kashmir etc, it is the cost the occupier has to pay. If Palestinians would stop or reduce their economical activity and foreigners would end the “donations” Israel would have to make a solution in couple of months. It simply could not afford a non subsidized occupation and feed, educate and keep warm millions.

  2. Good, the only way Israel will consider giving up the occupation is if it begins to cost them something. The current system literally gives all the advantage to Israel, they get ultimate control without any of the responsibilities of day to day governance.

  3. It’ll never happen because if they do hand the keys back, they also hand the keys to the candy store over as well. The corruption in Fatah is beyond belief. Israel would also have no reason to protect Abbas and the rest so they would be walking dead men.

  4. Now,that’s a plan…of course it can never happen.the Abbas and his pals would never give up the perks and Swiss bank accts…better to struggle along,run to the UN,collect support from the world and such,,like that will garner them much..but hey that’s a plan

  5. The US pays for the military costs and the EU pays for the civilian costs of providing for the Palestinian population.

  6. The PA is a farce and has been for a long time. Giving back the keys and starting a civil rights movement for equal civil,political, and human rights for all in the single country is the only move that makes sense for the Palestinian people. But, I agree with the other commentators that the Quisling Fatah bosses will not easily give up their perks and graft.

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