The Promise and Existential Risks of Nanotechnology (Plus Free book)

Video by Dr. Kim Solez on Existential Risks [of Nanotechnology] prepared for the Lifeboat Foundation. The Bill Joy video excerpt from the year 2000 in “The Future Doesn’t Need Us” segment at 7:05 no longer exists separately on the net so this is one of the few places where one can still see it.

As a special offer to Informed Comment readers, the Kindle version of the Lifeboat Foundation’s first book, “The Human Race to the Future”, is being offered *FREE* April 3 through April 5 at A discounted version of the paperback version is also available at

This 2014 Edition was awarded the “Peer Reviewed & Approved for Science” seal of the Washington Academy of Sciences which was founded in 1898. 10 Nobel Prize laureates have participated in the academy’s peer-reviewed “Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences” over the past century.

Daniel Berleant, The Human Race to the Future: What Could Happen – and What to Do

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  1. Your readers may be interested in an update on developments in nanotechnology. My 1986 book, Engines of Creation, introduced the concept of nanotechnology, including both its promise and existential risks. A lot has happened since then, and my 2013 book, Radical Abundance, covers a lot of ground. It describes progress, politics, mythology, and prospects in areas that range from research directions to the potential for clean, global economic development and reversing (not just slowing) greenhouse warming. There’s been enormous confusion and misinformation about prospects for nanotechnology, and it is urgent that the prospects be better and more widely understood.

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