Rep. Peter King sees Red over Pulitzers Honoring Snowden, Journalists covering NSA

(By Michael Masnick)

Pulitzers Make Rep. Peter King Mad (via Techdirt)

Rep. Peter King has made it clear that he will stop at nothing to attack anyone who thinks Ed Snowden did something useful. He was one of the first to call for the reporters who revealed the NSA’s surveillance to be prosecuted and has no qualms about…


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Journalists Awarded Pulitzer for Snowden Reports

5 Responses

  1. Juan,

    The article says:

    “King angrily tweeted his disgust:”

    I was expecting to see the tweet after the colon, but it seems to be missing.

  2. Stephen Hatt

    Have never cared for Mr. King who I have never seen contemplative and humble but always as a self righteous blustering blowhard.

  3. King is such an arrogant jackass, it’s impossible to say much of anything about him without using ‘F’ words or worse. I’ll be glad to send him a copy of the 1st Amendment & a few choice comments.

  4. No, Peter King holding a seat in the House is a disgrace. Pulitzer prizes for whistleblowers is a good start.

  5. I think it’s important to understand that the right-wing (by which I mean anyone to the right of Dennis Kucinich or Al Grayson; including the GOP & the ‘Blue-dog’ Dims) pay only lip-service to their oaths. What they actually support is Mussolini-style fascism in which they & their corporate fellow-travelers govern to suit their own best interests & reap benefits they deny to the hoi-poloi, while permitting sufficient benefits, to sufficient numbers of the ‘hoi’ as to stave off open rebellion while keeping the numbers of those sufficiently disenfranchised as to contemplate rebellion too low to accomplish it. Keep in mind ‘democracy’ is “government by ‘the people”. The term does not specify ‘ALL the people’. People like Peter King draw a distinction between those entitled to govern and those to be governed.

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