Torture is from Mars? CIA’s Hayden Says Sen. Feinstein Too “Emotional” To Judge CIA Torture

Former CIA, NSA Boss Says Senator Feinstein Is Too Emotional To Judge CIA Torture Fairly (via Techdirt)

We’ve written about former NSA and CIA boss Michael Hayden plenty of times around here, and the guy is practically a caricature of what you’d expect him to be. He defends the intelligence community at all costs, and is quick with baseless insults to…


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Sam Seder’s ‘Majority Report’: Former NSA Head: Senator Feinstein Way Too Emotional Over Torture”

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  1. Actually, Hayden has a point.

    If that report is accusing him, Tenet, Goss, and all those others who approved and directed the un-American torture programs of doing what they clearly did,
    they should have been given an opportunity to respond to the accusations.
    He seems to be saying that the committee never gave them that chance.

  2. How seriously emotional would Michael Hayden, George Tenant, Condi, Cheney and Bush get if we tried and convicted them like we did to Japaneese soldiers after WW2, and then put them to death?

  3. So ridiculous and a desperate attempt to deflect a bit of accountability. As I wrote on my blog, I would certainly hope Sen. Feinstein (and all of us) is emotional about torture: link to

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