US Solar Energy Grew A Mind-Boggling 418% From 2010-2014

US Solar Energy Grew An Astounding 418% From 2010-2014 (via Clean Technica)

Solar energy’s rapid growth in America is evident – even casual observers will note the proliferation of solar photovoltaics (PV) across the country. But sheer size is usually illustrated best by statistics, and in this case, the stat is 418% That…


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AP from a couple of months ago: “Huge Solar Plant opens in California”

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  1. 83 M I L L I O N automobils with internal combustion engines were sold worldwide in 2013. 65 million of these will probably still be in use by 2028. 2013 was a record year. Do the world’s automakers plan on issuing an environmental recall for any of these new vehicles? Do any of the automakers have a plan for producing all electric cars with in 2 years? If not we can probably expect 80 plus million vehicles next year.
    What this means is by 2040 if not sooner the most frequent causes of death will no longer be cardio vascular problems and
    cancer but dying as a result of homicide and starvation and thirst, heat stroke and suicide. Ok cholera might make a big comeback too.
    Millions of men and some women too will murder men women and children so that their children can live for two more days.
    Of course American survivalist will be staying cool for a while in their undreground bunkers as they watch their food stocks dwindle, and thier crops shrivel. Then they will rejoice as they look forward to their expected ascencion in to heaven while they watch the rest of us lazy bastards decsend to hell
    A few people around the Great Lakes or Lake Bikhali might survive for a decade or two or three longer than the rest of us but it is not going to be pretty.
    It is time for us lazy heathens to start looking on the bright side. Our extinction is a short term loss. Many children will die as a result. But in the long run far far fewer children will die.
    No one will ever again be so depressed that they committ suicide. No one will regret the extinction of mankind.

  2. 400% plus and I doubt there’s a visible effect on American’s petro consumption.

    It’s going to take a LOT more than solar panels and ‘energy saving’ TOXIC lightbulbs.

    Let’s say we stop driving and figure out a way to put work that pays the rent near our homes. Cars may not be the main source of air pollution in the US today but they sure are THE main consumption point for oil. Modern cars it might be noted are also much more gentle on the environment in re the air we breath from their exhaust pipes, but at the end of their relatively short life cycle compared to my air sooting FIFTY YEAR OLD International Travelall. Meanwhile almost none of a modern car made of plasticvs and alloy metals is feasibly recyclable, unlike the IH which will become 2 tons of reusable steel at the end of it’s long life.

    We REALLY need economists to calculate all this with true-costing. NONE of that is happening, and there’s a reason. “Green” is mostly the color of money right now. NOT the technology, which for the most part is incredibly energy intensive and earth raping, causing not-so-inexpensive foreign wars and adventurism.

    True cost that in too. Start with the covert proxy war on Africa. Africom’s budget has increased dramatically since it’s inception just a few years ago.

    Personally, I think expecting current technology and the technocrats who make money from it to resolve the problems created by that technology that pays their rent is a fool’s game. Like expecting the “Banksters” (a term I despise, of right wing origin) to fix the financial system they INTENTIONALLY broke… even as many Americans wish to get rid of fractional reserve banking… But OF COURSE not their ability to do pretty much the same thing with their all-too-pervasive credit cards.

    We’ve got a LONG way to go and a LOT of educating to do, with some seriously unethical, feudalistic people at the top of the corporate scientific ‘food chain’ who, by their training and education place profits over people.

    The odds are NOT in favor of the planet OR it’s average citizen.

  3. I have to wonder if what is really driving US government policy now is to do anything anything at all that will keep reporting on the state of the environment and the future prospects of the environment out of the news cycle. When people are distracted by what is happening in the Ukraine or with the Iranian nuclear program or with disputes over Jeruselum they are less likely to ask why serious measures were not taken sooner and who was asleep at the wheel.

  4. We can call this a ‘ray of light’, but it’s a tiny one. More than the solar panels we need a change in consciousness. The ‘Zeitgeist’ movement shows the way. The webs we have woven (socialism, capitalism, Christianity, Islam, etc.) have become prisons, and ultimately ‘death traps’.

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