Israel okayed nearly 14,000 squatter homes on Palestinian land during talks with Palestinians

Israel okayed nearly 14,000 settler homes during talks: NGO (via AFP)

Israel approved plans for nearly 14,000 new settler homes during the nine months of peace talks with the Palestinians, an Israeli settlement watchdog said Tuesday as the negotiation period formally ended. Figures quoted by Peace Now showed that during…


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  1. Prof. Cole: Thanks for being one of the best sources available to Americans concerned about this. There are rare exceptions: Yesterday I saw a good report on BBC World News America, carried by the local PBS station. I don’t recall seeing anything like it on ABC, CBS or NBC. Presumably, they could if they wanted. Evidently they don’t want to show the reality. The disparity in world view or narrative is breathtaking. A settler complains that for 20 years Israel has “given and given.”
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