Jon Stewart/ Daily Show: Adelson will accept “Outer Israel” as term for Occupied West Bank

Jon Stewart and Samantha Bee of The Daily Show send up “Zionist billionaire” Sheldon Adelson’s recent attempt to buy Republican presidential candidates and his imposition on them of euphemisms about the Israeli occupation of the West Bank.


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  1. What else would you expect from a casino owner. What kind of person would be in a business that is based on a cynical view of their customers–they are all losers given the games are rigged so that the house always wins in the long-run.

    A standard example problem of Econ 101 is to demonstrate the irrational behavior of state-approved gambling of this sort where the odds of the game design always favor the house. You statistically show that it is impossible for gamblers to win in the long run and the gamblers are then said to be acting foolish. The question was on my Econ 101 exam and I begged to differ. I was bright enough to include the prof’s desired response in my inverted critical style. What I said is that it is logical for people to gamble at the casino if they can see no other opportunity to change their lives for the better. It is entirely rational for the desperate to bet it all when the odds are against them. The more impossible it is for them to live in their current condition–say they are facing bankruptcy–the more rational it is for them to effectively hand what they have over to Adelson or the mob.

    It is a asymptotic problem and such geometries are also that of passions such as hate.

    Roberts says he sees no evidence that money is corrupt–while the GOP sucks up to a casino owner? doesn’t seem Roberts really cares to look?

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