IRS Targeted Liberal Groups More Than Tea Party: Newly Released Records

New Records Show IRS Targeted Liberal Groups More Than Tea Party (via Liberaland)

Think Progress obtained a series of IRS documents via the Freedom of Information Act that contradict Republican claims that the IRS targeted only conservative Tea Party groups for scrutiny because of their political beliefs. The 22 “Be On the Look…


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  1. And the bizarre part is that the Democrats are proclaiming this as a good thing. Anyone who’s paid any attention to for instance the grand jury attacks on anti-war activists by Obama’s prosecutors knows that Obama has had zero problems going after the left. The really bizarre part is now listening to Democrats act like this is a good thing. I guess if der Fuhrer has a (D) after his name everyone just throws up their right arm and gives the salute. Really folks, you get so caught up in this inside-the-beltway stuff that you’ve completely lost your minds.

  2. Sean Lee

    I still don’t see why the IRS shouldn’t be making sure explicitly political groups aren’t getting tax exempt status.

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