Dick Cheney wants Hillary Clinton ‘held accountable’ for Benghazi terror attacks

Dick Cheney wants Hillary Clinton ‘held accountable’ for Benghazi terror attacks (via Raw Story )

Dick Cheney, the former vice president who was in office during the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001 and later pushed the country into war with Iraq based on faulty intelligence, said on Sunday that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would…


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  1. You gotta love the shameless hubris of the Dick. He was part of the presidency that was heedless to the warnings leading up to the 9-11 disaster. He was instrumental in the declaration of that whimsical invasion of Iraq, including the infamous torture program and the creation of concentration camp “Gitmo” down in Cuba—and so much more. Still, he knows something we don’t know, since he operates with absolute impunity.

  2. NR

    Anytime! After his Dick Head is held accountable over Iraq! #Cheney on #Hillary

  3. Debra Barcon

    Gah! From the man who manipulated a president into 2 wars, economic collapse, multiple terrorists attacks. His delusions never end.

  4. Someone has to be held accountable for the Libyan tragedy, failing that, the ballad of Benghazi will do.

  5. Maybe the Secretary of State who should be held accountable is that super-patriot Colin Powell, who went before a disbelieving world and proclaimed with a straight face that a group of dilapidated trailers that no Alabaman white trash would be caught dead living in was a super-secret installation for Iraq’s WMD program.

  6. Thanks, that was a great laugh. Cheney should THANK Mrs Clinton instead, for all the times the Cheney-ites at State were shielded from accountability because of the pervailing ethos ‘the hierarchy must be defended at all costs, no matter what’ that reigns at State. Not to mention, during her tenure at State, Mrs Clinton’s staff forgot to reform all the problems the Cheney-ites caused or do anything about it.

    He should be particularly grateful that proteges such as Victoria ‘open-mouth-insert-two-feet’ Nuland enjoyed promotion up the chain of responsibility. Look how great the Ukraine crisis is turning out.

    Mr Cheney should be more grateful indeed to the Clinton staffers. It’s hard to hold Mrs Clinton accountable — she was often out of the country somewhere….

  7. It never gets shown, but, once I heard Joe Biden relating a meeting, where Cheney was present, that he had with GWB. He told the president that his staff should be fired and said if Cheney wasn’t in a constitutional office he should be fired too asking him to name one thing he got right.
    How this malevolent creep is allowed on TV to criticize anyone is beyond the pale.

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