Egypt going Big Into Solar Energy, Announces $1 Billion Investment

Egypt Investing Big In Solar Energy, Announces $1 Billion Investment (via Clean Technica)

The new Egyptian government apparently sees solar energy as being a key part of the country‚Äôs future, based on recent comments made by its Local and Administrative Development Minister Adel Labib. At the recent inauguration of a conference organized…


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  1. Just curious, where’s that billion dollars coming from? Not national tax revenues or petroleum sales… And would there be a bright spot here, that “whoever” is funding non-carbon energy, with a sort of general-benefit rosy glow emanating from wealth that for whatever somebody-profits reason, seems likely to do disinterested good for a lot of people? Presuming the Pharaoh lets the Lower Orders benefit, at all, from all those electrons the benevolent God Ra showers down on the mere mortals and to-be-Gods alike…

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