Fox censors ‘Scientific American’ editor on Climate Change because, Future

(By Scott Kaufman)

‘Scientific American’ editor: Fox censored my discussion of climate change as ‘future trend’ (via Raw Story )

Scientific American editor Michael Moyer went on Fox & Friends this morning to discuss “Tech trends for the next decade and beyond,” which producers told him did not, under any circumstances, involve certain issues: Fox & Friends producer wanted…


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  1. Unfortunately I was subjected to this channel in a fast-food restaurant this morning. They had plenty of time to keep on beating their nonsensical Bengazi drum, that’s for sure. Absolutely zero factual content the entire time.

  2. Speaking of exposure to toxins, the VA hospital I go to has TVs in all the waiting areas, all tuned to FUCHS News, and the vast majority of my fellow vets seem tuned in to the idiocy, nodding their heads, occasionally forming little impromptu flashmobs of disaffected people growling about The Damn Government Obama Socialism while waiting their turn for publicly funded treatment. And in many of the nurse’s rooms, you hear the lambent sounds of Limbaugh and Beck and Hannity and other Talkradio Purveyors Of God’s Truth To The Masses. How can that be fixed? Or has the disease process passed a critical point of no recovery?

    • Well Mr. McPhee, welcome to what is known around our house as the “Dred Nexus”, by which we mean the perfect storm of an irresponsible media a political atmosphere that makes it impossible to address an existential threat, a powerful corporate sector that increases the severity of that threat, and a PR industry that confounds the public about its true dimensions. It was bound to happen sooner or later – I had just hoped for later. Incidentally, we see today that Mr. Moyer is the target of a hate mail campaign incited by FOX.

      So, to answer your question: when the powerful have it in their interest to ignore science and can play out the clock until environmental collapse, I would say there is no recovery to be had.

  3. Sounds like a death spiral. Why is FOX in so many public places? I understand the anti-tax petro $$$ that FOX pursues, but what makes them the go-to station? What is their secret sauce?

    • Even at some US-Canada border crossings of the US government buildings, Faux News is found running there on the TV also.

      So one can imagine that there’s definitely a fair number of border agents steeped in the same prejudices against certain folks, despite the professed professional rules and regulations of the CBP.

    • The police, the military and the secessionist militias recruit from the same culture of small-town patriarchy: guns, God & greed. Natural henchmen for the rich, no matter how much they decry the rich for not being reactionary enough. Right-wing seditionists everywhere have a head start subverting enemy regimes because they’ve already got the business class and the police/military.

  4. super390: In this case, small minds match small government fans. We see how much they value freedom, when they use intimidation tactics that would give Rush an embolism if the government used them.

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