Dark Triad: Right wing Conservatives far more likely to be Sociopaths

PROOF! Conservatives and CEOs Really ARE Evil Psychopaths (via Americans Against The Tea Party)

Have you ever wondered why today’s conservatives never seem make any sense? Turns out that what we’ve always suspected is true. Recent scientific studies reveal that extreme conservatives — and the rich CEOs they serve — really are evil psychopaths…


Ring of Fire: ” Papantonio: Wall Street Psychopaths Destroying America”

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  1. Not to argue with the foregoing but one thing that occurs to me is the psychopathology of the very rich, that tendency to acquire and acquire and get more and more without any real purpose other than to build up resources with hearty and heartless abandon. I put the excessively wealthy in the category of “hoarders,” not unlike that old Bugs Bunny cartoon in which Daffy Duck finding a hidden treasure in a cave and becoming crazed by his windfall. Another example is in one of the recent “Pirates of the Caribbean” flix with the (mostly) dead having something similar in their lair, at Dean Man’s Cove.*
    With the excessively wealthy, we see similar traits in that they find the trappings of riches to be nothing more than an end, the means to which lie outside of their personal, physical experience, no different than any others who lack souls or consciences. Their acquisitions amount to nothing more than a form of piracy of the labours of others whose real lives are much more fulfilling and spiritually enriching. No matter how much is stolen, the excessively wealthy remain no more than shadows of those who are actually in the light. Those in the dark can never achieve the same resplendence and brilliance, no matter how closely they come to it, no matter the degree of their vicariousness, no matter the intensity of their desires.
    While the common impression of hoarders is of those who save junk mail or newspapers or other things of limited use, those at the top of the economic ladder fill their lives with different kinds of things, also of limited use.** Rather than a reliable automobile, we might see them in a temperamental sports car. We might have a house, the size of which corresponds to the needs of the dwellers; the hoarders build and “occupy” domiciles that far exceed any sense of utility. The shadow people amass vast amounts of intangible wealth, as well, usually expressed in many numbers separated every third digit by a comma and beginning with some monetary symbol.
    But, to what purpose can all of this be used? How much can someone buy that really corresponds to actual need? How many solicitations received via the Postal Service can one effectively find useful? How many newspapers can one read at a time … before the news goes stale? How many horsepower does it take to go to and from the supermarket?
    How hollow can one’s soul become before no amount of wealth remains valuable? At what point does ennui become the strongest emotion? The spectre of hypocrisy begins to appear when many of the excessively “wealthy” wear their finery to go to some church each Sunday, listening to the purported “word of G^D,” forgetting some of the words that refer to eyes of camels and the temple of the money-changers and the roots of all evil. Even shills like Joel Osteen and his “Christian Carnival” get outsmarted from time to time, losing a paltry $600,000 ONE weekend.***
    But, the devilry may really exist in even more personal details, found out only through gossip rags and police blotters …

    * link to pirates.wikia.com
    ** link to discovermagazine.com
    *** link to examiner.com

  2. Unfortunately, as long as the American people have TV, pizza, and sugary soft drinks, they aren’t going to care who runs the world. Deprive them of these things, and no one will contain their deprivation rage.

  3. Because violence and force are the answer to all challenges and problems and punishment to the extreme for all who transgress against (not the law) the rulers.

  4. Joe

    Nicely clarifying. I believe another aspect of psychopathy is taking dangerous risks – eg starting wwiii or having a secret life.

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