43% of Denmark’s Power from Renewables: Aiming for 70% by 2020

(By Juan Cole)

Denmark is now getting 43% of its power from renewable energy (mainly wind and biomass). It is thus on track to meet its ambitious goal of 70% renewables by 2020.

DeutscheWelle explains how Denmark is getting community buy-in for the onshore turbines. Residents get lower electricity prices when there are turbines in their neighborhood. Moreover, where turbines affect property prices, the owner is reimbursed.

Every country in the world should have Denmark’s goal of 70% renewables by 2020.

A Danish political leader explains:

IIEA: “Minister Martin Lidegaard on Leaving Fossil Fuels Behind: How Denmark Turned the Tide”

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  1. El Cid

    The transition from fossil fuels to renewable etc. is too often discussed as a burden instead of a great opportunity.

    • A burden on the 1% and an opportunity for the rest of us.
      Unfortunately, the 1% have bought our government and we get horror shows like XL Pipe line that Obama is pushing.
      We have to take our Government back or we are Doomed.

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