House Passes Fake USA Freedom Act; Only hope is Senate

House Passes Fake USA Freedom Act; Fight Turns To The Senate To Fix A Broken Bill (via Techdirt)

As explained earlier, due to pressure from the White House and NSA’s supporters in Congress, what could have been real NSA reform was completely changed at the last minute, in secret. The bill, which was substantially different than what both the Judiciary…


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House passes NSA ‘reforming’ USA Freedom Act

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  1. ” It seems notable that many of the no votes were from people who felt the bill didn’t do enough to protect the public from the surveillance state” sounds either like spin by authors who favor the bill and want to pad the issue or else double-speak by politicians who voted against it but are trying to evade accountability for their vote given our political process is incremental and the process of putting forth, revising, and voting on bills is a complicated process. Few bills are approved as they came out of committee. Informal vote counting and compromise occurs in the hallways and authors of bills make changes to improve chances of passing the bills–this is just everyday practical politics and the way it has been since day one!

    It’s stupid, given the system, to vote against a bill because it doesn’t go far enough. You pass it, claim it as a victory, and work on the rest as the next step–new bill. Articles like this seem to me to project the attitudes and behaviors of the authors rather than the situation. There also is a decided lack of specificity regarding the allegations.

    I don’t care for the NSA’s behavior but I also don’t care for fake news.

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