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  1. This may be less (and more) than is reported, mostly in Jewsish publications and Israeli newspapers. What this appears to be is an indgenous community in which communal values trump personal preference. With indigenous communities generally “communatarian” in their social structure … and dissidents often seen as agents of cultural imperialism, we’ve seen instances like this in indigenous communities in Mexico, with Protestants forced out of Catholic communities (or vice versa). However, here in Mexico, with “usos y costumbres” (commual values) having constitutional status, not much can be done, despite conflicts with other human rights (like freedom of religion) contained in the same document. The description (in “Israel National News”: link to of “our traditional dress, which is black, out of devotion and humility…” and of only two families (including one Mexican family who were new to the area) suggests more a fight over “traditional values” than overt anti-semetism. On the other hand, the report of using Nazi imagery and references to Hitler used to harrass the Jewish families is indeed troubling. Alas, anti-Semetism of the crudest sort does still pop up in Latin American popular culture.

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