Turkish Court asks Interpol to arrest 4 Israeli ex-Generals for Gaza Aid Ship Murders

Turkish court orders arrest of Israeli top brass over Gaza ship raid (via AFP)

A Turkish court on Monday ordered the arrest of four former Israeli military chiefs over a deadly 2010 maritime assault, in a move which could jeopardise reconciliation efforts between the countries. The court in Istanbul will ask Interpol to issue…


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Turkish Court Seeks Military Arrests Of Israelis Over Ship Killings

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  1. Israeli official described courts decision “ridiculous provocation” It’s called accountability.. We all know Israel has no idea what accountability means when it comes to their ongoing horrendous human rights actions and those in the past. Too bad Turkey would allow economic compensation to wipe out any future accountability actions

  2. “An Israeli probe found that the raid did not violate international law………”

    Any surprises there?

  3. Unfortunately Turkey does not hold the moral high ground in anything anymore.

    We know these cases are always politicized. However, when you have a prime minister who calls out to protestors “Come back you spawn of Israel,” your intentions as a country become clear.

    Israel is a politically disgusting country… but so is Turkey, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia. I don’t think anybody is any better than one another in the whole region.

    Governments attacking their own people, economics systems based on modern day slavery, apartheid… you can find all despicable human behavior in the region. I’m not even getting into the religious idiocy of the majority of people in the region and how it affects the politics…

  4. The death of 10 Turkish civilian activists at the hands of the Israeli Military was absolutely unnecessary & uncalled for, but hopefully all these goings on will bring attention to another hapless community- the Palestinians whose houses are regularly razed, their lands & farms occupied, and large chunks of population live in their own land as prisoners, thanks to religious bigotry of the Zionists. In general, I would more or less agree with what Mr Cagri Tanyol has written above, Politics & Statecraft worldwide, and human behavior in the Middle East and elsewhere has stooped to its lowest level possible, the lesser said, the better!

  5. Although I agree with some of the comments above, many of you are missing the point. These voyages were always an attempt to break Israel’s draconian siege on 1.5 million Palestinians, herded together in a concentration camp. Israel’s attack on our Flotilla was an attack on civilians sailing in international waters. They attacked all six boats, injuring over 50 people as well as murdering 10, one an American. We, the members of civil society who organized these trips (5 of them successful) are distressed that any of you actually think governments had anything to do with our actions. They did not

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