Israeli Pres. Peres: Netanyahu blocked 2011 Peace Deal with Palestinians

Israel’s Peres says Netanyahu blocked 2011 peace deal (via AFP)

Israeli President Shimon Peres said Tuesday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blocked a 2011 peace agreement he had secretly negotiated with Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas. Peres said he and Abbas had finalised a draft agreement in a series of…


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Israeli PM Netanyahu: I “stopped” Oslo peace process – ENGLISH SUBTITLES (Make sure “CC” is clicked on for English subtitles)

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  1. Benjamin Nethanyahu has stopped the peace process before. When Rabin first announced the peace process, Nethanyahu organised mass right wing rallies to oppose it. This time as you have mentioned is the second time he has done it. Maybe it’s time for a less right wing Israeli leadership. Lo Bibi, ken Livni or Labour.

  2. I can’t believe Netanyahu continues to imperil Israel with the radical settler philosophy of Rabin’s assassin.
    Its as if the US elected Lee Harvey Oswald in 1964.

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