‘Journalist’ Michael Kinsley says Gov’t should make Publishing Decisions

By Barry Eisler

‘Journalist’ Argues In NY Times That Publishing Decisions Should Ultimately Be Made By Government (via Techdirt)

Glenn Greenwald spends the last third of his excellent new book, “No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the US Surveillance State”, exposing the mentality and function of pseudo-journalists like David Gregory, who are in fact better understood…


The Young Turks: ” Journalist Confused About What Journalism Is”

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  1. Kinsley is a neocon of the first degree. He certainly was a cheerleader for the invasion of Iraq which was based on trumped up charges and lies by our always trusty and reliable federal government. No Kinsley, Wolfowitz, Doug Feith and Joe Lieberman would all chime and in and say trust us….you don’t have the right to see the intelligence we would use to send young men into wars or raid the treasury of trillions of dollars. There has to be an ulterior motive as to why Feinstein, Gregory , Kinsley and other neocons don’t want NSA exposed. Could it be that all of the information gathered by NSA is shared with Israel and they want all of that intelligence, dumped into the lap of Mossad for free, to be continued?

    • I’m not sure he’s a neo-con, as such. He is a cheerleader for the conventional wisdom, and eloquently rephrasing the lines he’s heard, which keep getting him invited back to toney dinner parties with the powers that be. It’s how you get into “good” schools, good parties, etc. Not unlike Tom Friedman, he has gotten ahead by getting along.

  2. This is a really good post; thanks for the link. Just one comment:
    “I know I’m being hard on Kinsley, but… is he dishonest? Or is he really this simple-minded?”
    I don’t think he’s either one, and I don’t think he has “an ulterior motive” either. He’s just unable to see past his own “reasonableness” and his comfort in hanging out with the powerful — sort of a slightly lefty version of David Brooks, convinced that using a lot of $5 words and nodding wisely equals having actual thoughts in his brain.

  3. Well, this is my take on part of this: Republican pundits need to write in order to convince themselves that they are correct in their thinking for they all seem to not be ableto admit any faults. They are “never wrong” in their internals, they cannot be, for that would be a sin of weakness. (“Don’t apologize,” John Wayne as Nathan Brittles in the film ‘She Wore a Yellow Ribbon’ by John Ford said, “It’s a sign of weakness.” And who can argue with the Duke?)

    These pundits, all, from Kinsley to Brooks to Will to Krauthammer et. al… simply cannot admit, ever, to being at fault of anything. But everyone makes mistakes from time to time. Read Krugman, for example, he admits to being wrong occasionally — Prof. Cole is a human too, right?

    But Republicans cannot admit to being human.

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