Rush Limbaugh: Pope Francis using UN to impose Marxism on world

Rush Limbaugh: Pope Francis trying to convince UN to impose Marxism, socialism on world (via Raw Story )

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Friday attacked Pope Francis as a “Marxist” for urging governments to redistribute wealth to the poor. “The pope, ladies and gentleman, is back, saying — demanding — a legitimate redistribution of wealth…


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Rush Limbaugh – Pope Francis Trying to Convince UN to Impose Marxism Socialism on World

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  1. When a million people starve to death Rush couldn’t care less. When a billionaire parts with a penny Rush goes into a frenzy. It’s the ‘principle of the thing’ he will shout, ‘Capitalism must never lose an inch’. On the other side, the people’s Pope says we must all help each other as Jesus taught us.

    • Indeed. Recently I’ve become engrossed in AMC’s Walking Dead. And it occurs to me, that we are as the survivors in the show, in which the walkers reign supreme and others are left scrambling for the leftovers; the walkers consume everything in their wake utterly unaware, walking in darkness, destroying all in their wake (for walkers read media-corporate-military-political-class plus their hordes of supporters walking blindly over the cliff of corporate fascism/climate/environmental degradation). Meanwhile we are left to pick up the pieces and put life back together – somehow . . . eventually . . . maybe. Rush is simply a part of the virus, infecting everything he touches. Jesus’ teaching – yes, they could save us, if we could trust, have faith, feed, house, and shelter the least among us – give them a future. But Jesus’ teachings and those who interpret them as God’s injunction to help his or her fellow man or woman, well, they just don’t speak to socio-paths such as Rush – or Antonin Scalia, or Paul Ryan, or Ted Cruz, or, well, insert any number of self righteous M*****F*****S you care to name who love to cite Jesus but apparently hate his ministry.

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