Rising Numbers of Palestinian Children Subjected to Solitary Confinement

Rising Numbers of Palestinian Children Subjected to Solitary Confinement (via PRWeb)

A new report from Defense for Children International Palestine (DCI-Palestine) finds that in 21.4 percent of cases documented in 2013, children detained in the Israeli military detention system reported undergoing solitary confinement as part of the…


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  1. There has been a history of abuses carried out by the Israeli government against Palestinian youth.

    One of the great scandals in Israel’s history was the Bus 300 affair in 1984 where 2 Arab teens suspected of complicity in a bus hijacking were bludgeoned to death while in the custody of Shin Bet.

    New York Times Jerusalem correspondent David Shipler acquired a photo showing one the youths alive and in police custody after his capture and had it published. This was after the Israeli government had claimed that all suspected assailants were killed in the police raid on the bus.

    An investigation revealed that Shin Bet director Avraham Shalom ordered the killings of the two teens, however President Chaim Herzog pardoned him as it was claimed in pardon papers that Shalom acted under the “approval and authorization” of his superior – his only boss at the time was PM Yitzhak Shamir.

    One of the Shin Bet agents pardoned openly admitted he had no regrets over his personal conduct in the actual fatal beatings – he was later elected to public office, serving in the Knesset on the Likud ticket in 2003-2006.

    The ongoing abuses of Palestinian children was a key element in fueling in the First Intifada.

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