Anthony Bourdain on Palestinians: “The World has visited many terrible things on” them, robbed of their Humanity

Anthony Bourdain: it is something we do all the time: “Show regular people doing everyday things–cooking and enjoying meals… It is a measure, I guess, of how twisted and shallow our depiction of the people is that these images come as a shock to so many. The world has visited many terrible things on the Palestinian people, none more shameful than robbing them of their basic humanity.”

Anthony Bourdain’s acceptance speech at the MPAC Media Awards

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  1. Good man. I hope this will spur others into shining a light on the blockade and stealing of land from an indigenous people.

  2. All people, no matter where have some commonalities and worthy of our respect. Anthony Bourdain shows us a diverse range of people doing common things that we all can appreciate. Keep it up.

  3. On CNN Tony seems able to include politics into his programs. His recent visit to Mexico City was shocking in the effect on private people of their control by the same drug cartel that once ran Columbia. He has a heart and is a good man to report honestly about the condition of the countries he now visits.

  4. What a great man. Enjoys life and its simplest pleasures. And he has a conscience.

    How many people on TV can you say that about these days?

  5. I was waiting for the hue and cry for his job after the ghastly (to some I’m sure), verboten depiction of Palestinians as human beings being brutally persecuted.

    There are times, I suppose, when CNN’s poor ratings overall perhaps protect them from retribution. Especially from those calculating that the potential damage from maybe 1% of the U.S. seeing non-Likud depictions against the possible blowback from attacking a real mensch like Bourdain.

  6. Thank you, Mr. Bourdain, for telling the simple truth… which so many in your profession have failed to do. The Israeli occupation of Palestine is a horrible stain on the humanity we all share. And if you are Jewish, all the more impressive. Thank you so much… and I love your show!

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