US calls Israeli Squatter attacks on Palestinians ‘Terrorism’; Israel says ‘only vandalism’

(Via AFP)

Israel police challenge US ‘terror’ findings (via AFP)

Israeli police on Thursday challenged Washington’s inclusion of Jewish extremist attacks on Palestinians in a global terror report, saying such incidents could not be likened to militant attacks. For the first time, the State Department’s 2013 Country…


Press TV: “US report sees Israeli attacks on Palestinians as “global terror threats” ”

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  1. In recent years Israeli leaders have begun to recognize the problem of terrorism by radical Jewish settlers against Palestinians, the IDF, and mainstream settler leaders. In 2011, “the Israeli general in charge of the West Bank, Nitsan Alon, described the violence by radical settlers as ‘terrorism’ and urged the IDF to ‘do much more to stop it.’… And following settler vandalism of an IDF base in the West Bank, the Israeli ministers of defense, legal affairs, and internal security discussed officially designating [such radical settlers] as a terrorist organization.” (In 2014, Israeli Defence Minister, Moshe Yaalon, branded settler attacks as “outright terrorism”.)

    In recent years, “the extreme right wing has made inroads even into Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s own party, the Likud, making any opposition to settlement activity a risk for more mainstream Likud politicians.”

    The unfortunate truth: terrorism can work. It was effectively used by Zionists in the pre-state period, and it is being used by fundamentalist settlers today to further Greater Israel.
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    • Arab mayors of West Bank cities were routinely targeted by Jewish settler extremists in shootings and bombings that killed or maimed many in the 1980s.

      There had beenpreviously little outrage in the Israeli government over this conduct. Now that the IDF themselves have been targeted for “price tag” attacks, they now see it expedient to denounce and pursue Jewish settlers who initiate such violence.

  2. If an official US government report refers to these Israeli attacks as “terrorism”, then the tide is most certainly turning against the extreme Zionism of Israel’s government. Netanyahu, patting himself on the back for buying another year’s unconditional support via dead-end “peace talks” had better look out. President Obama no longer needs to run for re-election.

    • No, but his Democratic Party is up for re-election in U.S. Congress and a GOP-controlled House and Senate can make his final two years uncomfortable by opposing his policies.

  3. Antics with Semanitics from Sydney J. Harris: “Our military makes “surprise sorties”; their military makes “terriorist raids.” I am giving the matter “judicious consideration”; you are “overly deliberate”; he is “stalling.” A “crisis” is any sudden development in international affairs that shows how shortsighted or pigheaded the foreign offices were; and “resolution” of the crisis is a mutually unsatisfactory agreement by which the foreign offices gain a respite until the next crisis. I am reasonable; those less reasonable are “too emotional,” and those more reasonable are “too logical.”

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