“Joe the Plumber”: “Your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights.”

“Joe the Plumber”: “Your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights.” (via The Political Carnival)

“Joe the Plumber” (Sam Wurzelbacher, the not-plumber), wrote the following in response to the grieving parents of the kids slaughtered in Santa Barbara by a gun-toting, knife-wielding murderer who took his own life: By Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher…


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  1. As a spokesman for all that is bad in America, Wurzelbacher joins the rest of the “rudderless idiots” that victim parent Richard Martinez referred to.

  2. Curse you Neal Postman – thou art mighty yet! So this is what the MSM will cover and popularize now? Mean-spirited screeds from so-called “conservatives” who are really just a bunch of cruel bigots who get blanket coverage while any substantive discourse is effectively shut down by the trifecta of the Rush-LaPierre-GOP alliance that will frog march the country to the realm of “Waaaah . . .. my rights . . . . waaaaaah . . . my rights!”

    My rights this, my rights that; I’m f*****g sick of hearing about rights on this issue. What about obligations? You know – to protect our children and families from gun wielding psychopaths. And what about the second amendment’s term about “well regulated”? What about the fact that in this day and age bearing arms will not, in fact, protect you from your paranoid fever dream about government tyranny, which, by the way, has long since slipped in through the back door. (Remember the 4th amendment and due process? I do!)

    The day is coming when we will simply need to outlaw the GOP and their ilk, since it has apparently morphed into a hate group. Because that is what the GOP has in essence become. Hatred of people in other parts of the world is a given on their part; they hate minorities; they clearly hate the poor, intellectuals, women, and now, apparently, victims of their policies.

    But this is no surprise. As the Roman author Tacitus states, one often hates those one wrongs. It is time to have a serious discussion that will get us to the bottom of the deep malaise that has infected our country, resulting in wealth disparity, violence, and environmental degradation. Oh, and let’s not forget a few nasty, unnecessary wars that have depleted our treasury, but far worse, damaged our moral standing and humanity.

  3. This deranged kid killed three people with a knife, three other people with a gun, then struck several people with his car before shooting himself to death. How many other people were shot and wounded? This tragedy isn’t really comparable to Aurora, Virginia Tech, Arizona or the children’s deaths in Connecticut. Blaming the NRA for those mass murders is justifiable since those madmen had real firepower and were able to kill scores of people in just a few seconds. Rodger didn’t use near the firepower of the other killers.

    Blaming the NRA and Congress is pretty much a cop out in this case. Ordinary Americans own about 250 million handguns. We live in a society where violence is not only permissible but is seen as a solution to many problems. The occasional MASS MURDER is the price many Americans tolerate and are willing to pay.

    In a couple of weeks, this will blow over like all the others.

    • This is just asinine. Most polls indicate Americans would like more regulations placed on gun ownership, and in fact the second amendment, as I noted in my initial comment this morning, has the term “well-regulated” in it. Hostility towards regulation is just the anarchist strain of jungle rule the Cretins in the GOP and their reptilian centrist allies (okay, that could also be occasional code for creatures like Clinton and Obama) dress up in under the guise of “free market” fundamentalism.

      But hey Jack, I’m sure you will be willing to pay for the medical care for the wounded and the psychological counseling for the traumatized, because, gosh, we live in a violent society and blaming the poor besieged NRA or fat cat a******s in congress is just out there.

      • From what I’ve read, Rodger used a gun that only fired ONE BULLET each time he pulled the trigger. Those kind of guns aren’t part of the discussion in Congress and play no part in the NRA’ outrageous defense of automatic or semi-auto guns that fire multiple rounds when the shooter pulls the trigger just once.

        My position is NOT hostility over regulation. It’s knowing the difference between what might be possible and the IMPOSSIBLE. The gun Rodger used isn’t comparable to the WMD types used when one person kills and maims more than thirty after pulling the trigger one time.


        If Rodger had been in a crowd of people like the killers in Arizona, Virginia Tech or Aurora, he would have been quickly overwhelmed.

        • Uhg! It’s not just about the weapon but who has access to one. Not everyone should have the right to own a gun, period. And I speak as a farmer in a rural community where they are ubiquitous.

          What a relief to the dead that the gun could only shoot one round at a time.

        • Being able to fire one round at a time doesn’t compare to 31 bullets the killer in Tucson was able to fire in just 15 seconds. Automatic-Semi Auto guns with large capacity magazines are a far greater danger to people, especially in crowded areas. In Arizona and Aurora, both shooters had enough firepower to keep the crowd away with their heads down. That firepower is what enabled them to kill and wound scores of innocent people.

          I really have no idea why people do NOT understand the difference between these weapons. One is a WMD capable of killing scores in seconds. The other doesn’t have that capability.

        • Your response utterly fails to address the issue of access. If one person is put at risk due to the failure to tackle this singular underlying issue then everyone is.

        • I didn’t make a comment about access because I do NOT think much can be done to change that equation with over 200 million handguns already in the public’s hands. Legally or illegally buying a handgun in any big city isn’t difficult.

          That’s the reason the real battle is with the NRA lobby over high capacity magazines and automatic– semi-automatic guns. One person isn’t at risk if this battle is lost. People will be killed in droves just like they were at Sandy Hook, Aurora, Virginia Tech and in many other mass murders.

        • p.s. The massacres at Aurora, Tucson and Virginia Tech would NOT have happened unless the killers had weapons capable of firing multiple rounds in just a few seconds. Without the firepower to initially stun the crowd, all three of the shooters would have apprehended by the young adults at the scene.In Tucson and Aurora the killers were within a few feet of numerous people when they attacked.

          That’s my point. I can’t be any clearer.

    • Wow. Consider this: “around 7 percent of Americans overall own a whopping 65 percent of the guns in this country.” (Alternet)

      The issue is the amount of guns and ammo the killer had and had access to to purchase. He most likely would have killed more but the insane kid could not get a door open to the sorority. The NRA is to blame for spreading falsehoods about guns and gun ownership that too many, very uneducated people swallow without thinking. They falsify the 2nd amendment, always only quoting only a piece of it and always out of context.

      This: ” The occasional MASS MURDER is the price many Americans tolerate and are willing to pay.” is highly insulting, disgusting, callus and a facist statement. Like you speak for “Americans.” You speak for a very narrow, ignorant slice of American… baloney. What if YOUR CHILD WAS KILLED in a mass murder?

      Sorry for feeding the troll…

      • To you, my statement is “highly insulting, disgusting, callus and a fascist statement,” but it’s also the truth. You are in denial and rather than admit it, you attack me instead.

        Many Americans do tolerate these MASS MURDERS. If they didn’t, why weren’t the laws changed after Virginia Tech, Aurora and especially, Sandy Hook.? The killer broke into a school and slaughtered over twenty children ages 6-7—1st graders.


        I have never even heard or read about such a heinous crime.

        What happened in Santa Barbara wasn’t much different than what happened in Chicago (6 killed, 16 wounded) or New Orleans (4 killed, 15 wounded) over Memorial Weekend. In the week before the holiday, 80 people were killed by gun violence.

        BTW, the 7% who own 65% of the guns is around 20 million people. The other 280 million plus still own over 80 million guns.

        I’m not a troll, I just don’t live in denial.

        The media treats violent deaths caused by gun violence much like car wrecks, IMO. The news cycle has already moved on from what happened in Santa Barbara.

        IT WON’T RETURN.

        • “…. Chicago (6 killed, 16 wounded) or New Orleans (4 killed, 15 wounded)….”

          Jack, you keep blowing your cover.

  4. Mike Houghton

    This is the same idiot that blasts the unions, yet has a union job. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The Republicans just saw a white guy and knew they had their mouthpiece. No brains needed.

  5. @Jack: The NRA lobbied to prevent people from being stopped purchasing guns in the event they fail a background test. There was a huge amount of evidence this guy was a threat and unstable. Rules in other states and countries would have stopped him getting a gun so yes the NRA is to blame. Two other points – one: how much more confident was this kid with three guns one him than if he didn’t have them? And he was shooting wildly so it’s just luck more weren’t killed by gunfire. Not really a great standard to base this on.
    Finally, he was limited in CA to 10 round clips. This is something the NRA lobbied against. What if he’d had a lot more shots at his disposal?

    • “What if he’d had a lot more shots at his disposal?”

      Like the ones at Sandy Hook, Aurora, Virginia Tech or in Arizona? Congress needs to make it totally ILLEGAL to possess high volume weapons that can kill and maim so many people in just a few seconds.

      Jail time–no exceptions.

      There is no reason for anyone in the public to own these kind of killing machines.

      Elliot Rodger could have gain access to many handguns and there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY he could have been stopped. Handguns are a dime a dozen, people do NOT need a background check to get one. Rodger was a total nut. I’m surprised he didn’t kill more than a few people by running them over with his car.

      Rodger could not have been stopped, but all the deaths at Sandy Hook, Aurora, Virginia Tech and in Arizona would not have happened without the killers having large capacity magazines and high volume guns. The killers would have been overwhelmed without such awesome firepower.

      BTW, I looked up the handgun fatalities and casualties over Memorial weekend in CHICAGO—6 killed, 16 wounded.

      In Chicago, so many people get killed by handguns it usually doesn’t make the national news unless the number is more than ten. In any big city, I’ll bet anyone could buy a handgun in 20 minutes or less without a background check. I live in Las Vegas. A friend of mine owns one of these deluxe car washes. He told me that out of every ten cars that they do a deluxe inside cleaning job, eight of the cars have a handgun inside.

      8 out of 10.


  6. p.s. Every time there is another MASS MURDER and politicians start talking gun control, the public rushes to buy handguns until the talk dies down in a few weeks after President Obama has returned from the scene of the latest mass murder.

    It’s almost like a ritual..

  7. Joe the Plumber was right. For him to address his open letter to the grieving families was in my humble opinion insensitive, ill-directed, and perhaps a general fat indiscretion overall. He should show greater sensitivity toward the feelings of said families. But I agree heartily with what was in the letter. Men fought (including yours truly) and many died (not yours truly) to preserve our freedoms. Alhamdulillah for our constitutional rights. When did my coreligionists get into bed with all of these modernist liberal ideals and think that that was okay? Note: it’s not.
    The secular agenda will grind us beneath its diamond hooves without a second thought the instant we cease to be useful to it.
    As for Mr. Martinez, I don’t even know why he was on the News. He’s grieving. People say and do odd things in reaction to grief. Now he’s “locked in,” to be forever after beholden to thoughts he uttered while his mental faculties might not yet have returned to their full power. I can’t believe the sickness of these craven reporters. Exploiting the poor man for political points shows judgment at least as questionable as Wurzelbacher’s.
    It’s called mourning, people, there are things called mourning periods for a reason. There was a time we would have respected that. I will, therefore, not speak regarding specific things he may or may not have said, nor will I register agreement or disagreement with them. Allah swt knows best.

  8. “It’s a tragedy.”
    Don’t think Sophocles would agree.
    Inappropriate use of the word “tragedy” is a tell, signifying that the person using it doesn’t really care all that much about what happened. Apparently Joe the Plumber thinks that regulating possession and use of firearms as closely as we regulate the possession and use of, say, automobiles is something more heinous than what happened at UCSB.

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