Calif. Republican Smears Arab-American Libertarian Congressman as ‘al Qaeda’s best friend’

Calif. Republican calls Arab-American colleague ‘al Qaeda’s best friend’ in Congress (via Raw Story )

Michigan Republican Rep. Justin Amash found himself the target of intra-party criticism again, as a California colleague accused him of not being serious about his position and lying about the country’s surveillance policies in an interview published…


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  1. Ziad Asali

    . @AlienMedia Accusing @repjustinamash of being Qaeda’s
    ‘best friend in Congress’ is hitting a new low.A political gun,not a debate.

    • A new low?

      How about this quote from Brian Ellis? – who has filed to oppose Congressman Amash for his Michigan 3rd U.S. Congressional District seat the August GOP primary:

      “Third District citizens deserve a representative who shares their commitment to our national security and our faithful ally Israel.”

  2. Rep. Justin Amash is a Palestinian-American whose parents are from Ramallah – his chief of staff is Jordan W. Bush. He attended the University of Michigan Law School. He is considered to be very articulate, well-informed and well-respected among his constituency

    He supports a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine question.

    He is also respected, if not revered, within certain Michigan GOP circles – especially the libertarian wing.

    His libertarian viewpoint likely emanates from the fact that the Arab-American community in Michigan – particularly Metro Detroit – have been targeted for highly invasive surveillance and investigation by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies over the past four decades.

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